Healthy restaurants are making a comeback. Across the United States, individuals and families are placing an emphasis on eating more healthily by trying new foods and variations of their favorite meals.

Because of this, people across the nation are more interested in purchasing from health-conscious, organic, and certified farms, markets, and restaurants.

If you’re starting a health-conscious restaurant business, props to you! In order to make your restaurant a hit, you need successful management that understands the importance of marketing your business the right away as well as hiring proper staff to ensure your dishes impress all customers.

Having a competent manager is essential to the success of your restaurant, and there are certain qualifications you should look for when hiring.

Here are just five key tips for hiring a manager for your health-conscious restaurant so you can ensure customers continue to visit!

1. Has Prior Healthy Restaurant Experience

Over half of recruiters value how a potential employee might fit in with company culture above all else.

While your potential manager might have worked at other restaurants, it’s important to try and find someone who has experience in healthy restaurant management.

They should be familiar with health codes and food handling processes and procedures as well as have knowledge about health-conscious menu items.

For instance, did they work at a vegan restaurant? Do they know about gluten-free menu options? Have they managed health-focused restaurants before?

All of these are questions you should ask when interviewing a potential manager.

Having healthy restaurant experience ensures they understand the direction your business is going in and can lead it to success.

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2. Understands Your Health-Conscious Customers

Your future manager should be able to answer questions and provide exceptional customer service.

They should understand the needs of your health-conscious customers, such as dietary restrictions, allergies, and preferences.

For instance, if you run a juice-making business, your manager should be knowledgeable about superfoods and their health benefits.

Superfoods have a very high nutritional density. These foods can provide a substantial amount of nutrients and very few calories.

Your potential manager should understand the type of superfoods you’re serving and be able to explain the health benefits to customers.

Having these superfoods available in many ways is important, too. Aside from juice, super berries can be put into healthy baked goods, healthy protein shakes, and more!

3. Have Good Communication Skills

From talking to customers to communicating with staff, a manager should have excellent communication skills.

They should also be an effective listener and able to collaborate with other restaurant staff members.

Communication is key in any successful business, so having a manager who can communicate effectively is essential.

For instance, if there’s an issue with a customer or a staff member, the manager should be able to address it quickly and efficiently.

They should also be able to motivate staff members and ensure everyone is working together towards the same goal.

4. Ensures Restaurant Cleanliness

About 93% of people would avoid a business if they saw dirty restrooms on their first visit.

From dirty bathrooms to food contaminants, a health-conscious restaurant should prioritize cleanliness.

Your potential manager should be able to keep the kitchen and dining area sanitary and safe for customers by hiring proper cleaning staff.

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They should also understand how to dispose of waste properly and be familiar with proper storage protocols.

In addition, they should have a strong knowledge of health codes and regulations within the restaurant industry.

They should also know how to prevent kitchen accidents and handle food safety properly. If your business doesn’t keep up with health and safety codes, it could mean hefty fines.

5. Motivates Staff Members

Your manager should have strong leadership skills, as they’ll be responsible for overseeing staff members and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

They should understand the importance of working together as a team and creating a positive work environment.

They should also have the skills needed to mediate issues between co-workers, discipline employees appropriately when needed, and motivate employees with constructive feedback.

In addition to making sure all staff members are knowledgeable about health-conscious menu items and procedures, your manager should be able to motivate the team.

They should have ideas for team-building exercises, rewards for hard work, and other ways to keep everyone engaged.

A great manager will recognize employee accomplishments and create a productive atmosphere that is both fun and efficient.

For example, they may start an Employee of the Month initiative or consider a system for giving employees bonuses during the holiday season!

Finding the right manager for your health-conscious restaurant is essential to its success.

Make sure you hire someone who has prior experience in healthy restaurants, understands customers’ needs, ensures restaurant cleanliness, and motivates staff members. Following these tips will ensure you find a great fit for your business!