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If you have spent any time on TikTok lately, you will know that there are quite a few other people doing the same. There are people in all kinds of different categories trying to get ahead with their content and become the next viral sensation.

This means that you’ve got your work cut out for you because the competition is so fierce, that even if you fall into a relatively obscure niche, you’re going to have issues.

The good news is that it’s still possible, and we haven’t reached a point yet where virtually nobody is able to become famous, but the bad news is that it is certainly challenging.

This is why so many TikTok users choose to outsource their engagement strategy these days, so let’s review Tikfuel, and decide if they’re worth your time or not.

What’s the Point to More TikTok Followers?

If you want to enjoy some level of success on the TikTok app, followers are a must. You need a significant following nowadays to be successful.

Followers will build up your target audience by increasing your views and engagement on your posts. 

Likewise, gaining followers makes TikTok take notice of your popularity due to your unique content.

When TikTok takes notice, your posts get pushed to more targeted people. That improves your outreach, which increases your followers over some time.

Also, more relevant users are likely to follow you when you have more followers. 

Consider this: Are you more likely to follow someone on TikTok with 200 followers, or someone with 10,000 or more followers? Which account seems more legit to you?

Due to these elements of TikTok, users are turning to third-party growth and engagement services like Tikfuel.

Tikfuel Review

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Tikfuel is a really simple company that says that they can help their clients with followers and likes for TikTok. They say that they are the leading provider for TikTok services and while they might look good on paper, we think that they’re selling their clients fake engagement.

What is Tikfuel?

TikFuel tiktok-followers

Tikfuel believes that they are the leading provider for TikTok services, and they say that they are distinctive through their pure focus on quality, which means that they allege that they only send their clients the highest quality TikTok followers and likes.

They have divided their features into two categories, based on whether you want help with your TikTok followers, or your TikTok likes right now. They also say that they will never ask their clients for their personal information like their password and say that they only need your username to deliver their services.

They also say that they offer their clients lightning-fast delivery, which means that you can start receiving your order within just five minutes.

This is one of many red flags for us, because it implies that they’re selling fake engagement that they need to put next to no effort into.

Tikfuel Features

Unfortunately, Tikfuel’s features are quite limited. There isn’t much variety in their packages even for the basics on TikTok, much less anything beyond that. 

Plus, they claim that their scant offerings deliver the best quality real followers, safely and quickly.

One thing that makes us wonder is that if you’re delivering real followers, why do you need to claim they are the ‘best quality’. Isn’t that what they should be anyway? 

Real engagement is real, or it’s not. If the company feels the need to confirm the quality of their followers, it seems suspicious at best. 

Also, they don’t need your password, which is supposed to be a plus in this business. However, how can they be delivering real anything that way? They can’t be performing tasks on your behalf in this instance.

Furthermore, the site is loaded with buzz words with offerings that are just confusing and all over the spectrum. It seems they are trying to look legit, when they aren’t.

Tikfuel Pricing

A Review of Tikfuel


  • Secure Site: Tikfuel, just like so many other companies out there these days, has remembered that if they want to be seen on Google, and encourage their clients to share personal information on their website, they need to secure it with HTTPS. You might think that this makes them credible, but it doesn’t. Yes, it is an important step in the security process, but it is also a very basic step, which means that the vast majority of companies these days are managing to cover it. Back in the day, this wasn’t the case, but these days, this is no indication as to their credibility.
  • FAQ page: Even though it’s hidden under the ‘Support’ section, there is a small section of FAQs that provide some basics about the service. It’s not very comprehensive, but we want to be fair and give this to them for trying.
  • Visible Pricing: Tikfuel has their pricing readily available for you to see before you register for anything, and all you need to do to view it is go all the way down their homepage. They say that their TikTok followers start from just $2.47, their TikTok likes start from just $1.97, and their TikTok views the same. If you want our honest opinion about their pricing, we don’t believe that it reflects quality services, because they are selling their services for next to nothing. It’s the only way that they can make any money from this incredibly small margin is by doing absolutely nothing to develop their features.
  • Fast delivery of engagement: This can go either way on the pros and cons, but since people like instant gratification, we are putting this on the pro side. Fast delivery means faster results, but it can also cause issues on your account. So, you can decide if this is a pro or con. Overall, fast delivery can relate to getting your order sooner, which is good.


  • Customer Support: Tikfuel is lacking in customer support, to say the least. They definitely aren’t able to provide their clients with around the clock customer support, which is definitely an important feature if you’re trying to do well on TikTok and want a reliable company to have your back at all times. Obviously, if you are running an ongoing service you definitely need to have a good level of accountability with your clients, and this starts with really good customer support. We don’t think that getting involved with a company like this is going to result in the kind of customer service where you can talk to them directly whenever you need to.
  • Missing About page: The About page is one that tells you about a company. Without this page, you cannot know whether a business is real or fake. Whether it provides real engagement or fake. Tikfuel doesn’t have an About page on their website. Therefore, very little is known about this service, which is a red flag.
  • Questionable Payment Methods: Tikfuel does say on their website that they offer their clients a number of different secure ways to pay, which includes visa, American Express, and PayPal. At this point though, we think that the safest way to pay is PayPal, and this is because you go through a third-party website, and you don’t have to share any personal information on their website. We aren’t convinced at this point that they haven’t corrected their payment gateways, so definitely keep your personal information away from companies like this, who probably have an ulterior motive with it.
  • No free trial: While we realize that not offering a free trial isn’t a deal-breaker for everyone, it’s still a nice touch with these types of services. People do want to give these services a try before they spend money to know if it’s legit or not. It’s a common courtesy that is appreciated, which is why it’s a con.
  • No real followers or engagement: The need for real followers and real people who engage with your content is crucial to your Instagram growth and reputation. If you want real growth, you need real people to engage with your content. We believe the engagement Tikfuel offers is simply fake. 
  • Real Reviews: Tikfuel doesn’t have any genuine reviews to speak of, but if you scroll down their home page, you will see a lot of fake ones. We can tell that they are fake because they are extremely generic, and they have been associated with first names only. The other concerning thing is that all of the images that they associate with the reviews are stock images, so there’s no way to trace these reviews back to real people. If you can’t rely on a company like this to provide real reviews, then you probably can’t rely on them for high-quality features.
  • Lack of chat support: We know that not everyone cares whether 24/7 chat support is available, but it’s usually preferable. There is something about knowing you can reach out day or night to get help with this kind of service. While it may not be a deal-breaker, it’s definitely a nice courtesy feature.

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Is Tikfuel Safe to Use? Is it a Scam?

Tikfuel hasn’t made a very strong case for itself when it comes to being a legit service for your TikTok needs.

We definitely think that they’re selling their clients fake engagement, and we believe that their profit margins are bigger than you think.

Just because their pricing is great doesn’t mean that their services are, and we believe that they are taking numerous shortcuts to make a quick profit, without really caring about whether their clients do well or not.

The bottom line with companies like this is that it is better if you avoid them, especially if you want to preserve your existing TikTok reputation.

Review Summary


Tikfuel is a really simple company that says that they can help their clients with followers and likes for TikTok. They say that they are the leading provider for TikTok services and while they might look good on paper, we think that they’re selling their clients fake engagement.

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Final Thoughts

Perhaps if Tikfuel would be transparent about how they engage, it might be better, but we think they use bots and fake engagement, so even then, we wouldn’t recommend the service for TikTok.

Did you know that Tikfuel is so taboo that it cannot be reviewed on the Trustpilot user review site? According to Trustpilot, this site is bad fit.

Likewise, Scamadviser reports there is at least some risk associated with using this website. This is due to its being hosted in a high-risk country and getting negative reviews.

While Trustpilot and Scamadviser aren’t the only websites we use for measuring the trustworthiness of sites like Tikfuel, they do have a significant impact on our decision.

We do recommend that you do your own research into such companies to protect yourself. 

It’s important to protect your TikTok account and your online reputation. You don’t want to have to start all over again, do you?

Furthermore, we can recommend that you look at the alternatives for Tikfuel that are more reliable and reputable companies.

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