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Ultimately, if you are someone who’s been on TikTok for a while, you’re probably at a point where you are struggling to find inspiration to create new content and get it in front of the right people.

This won’t be because you are lazy and can’t be bothered putting in the time and effort, it is most likely because TikTok’s algorithm is forever changing things up on you, and as a result, you are feeling jaded.

One week, you might find that everything is going well, and people are seeing your TikTok videos, then the next, you realize that these people are no longer seeing your content.

If you want to get around this, you can outsource your TikTok growth to a third party that can help you with it. However, finding that third party is difficult at the best of times.

Let’s review Tik Boost, and determine if they are worth you spending any money on.

Tik Boost Review

Tik Boost followers

Tik Boost is a company that claims to help their clients grow their TikTok profiles with their target audience, and they say that they can also customize their packages and tailor them to your needs. We think that they are running a fake engagement service.

What is Tik Boost?

Tik Boost Pricing

Tik Boost is a company that seems to have a lot of faith in its services, and features a lot of bright colors on their website to give the illusion that they are putting time and effort into their features. However, we don’t think that this is necessarily true.

We think that they are overcompensating on their website, because their features are less than average, and they are more than likely fake. What we mean by fake is that they are backed by profiles that aren’t real, which are only going to put your profile at risk of being suspended or banned.

TikTok doesn’t really like it when its users outsource to a company that sends them fake engagement, so it won’t take long for them to track down your account, and put a restriction on it. However, they are still worth a review, so let’s get into it.

A Review of Tik Boost


  • Secure Site: Tik Boost has come to the table with the most basic of features, which is securing their website with HTTPS. If you don’t know a lot about the social media marketing industry, then you might think that this is a really good thing, but it actually just means that they have covered a basic level of encryption that doesn’t tell us a lot about whether they are genuine or not. It means you will be able to share sensitive information on their site, and it will be encrypted, and it also means that they are going to turn up in search engines, as they will be prioritized above websites that aren’t secured in this way.
  • Visible Pricing: Tik Boost, like a lot of companies in this industry, have made it so you get to decide how much you spent on your TikTok followers. What is concerning to us about this is that they can predict exactly how many TikTok followers you are going to receive, which implies that they’re sending fake engagement. If they were sending genuine engagement, then they won’t be able to guarantee how many followers who would get because they would come from real profiles and people who have to make their own decision about your profile. Also, at their pricing this cheap. 5000 TikTok followers is going to cost you just $80. This means low quality.


  • FAQ Page: We don’t think that we could categorize the questions that they have on their website as an FAQ section because it simply isn’t comprehensive enough. They very clearly don’t care about putting any effort into their website beyond the bright colors, and certainly don’t want their clients to know too much information about their features before they sign up for anything. If they do end up finding out, they might not want to sign up for anything.
  • Real Reviews: Tik Boost has made a somewhat halfhearted attempt to feature reviews on their website but trust us when we say that these definitely aren’t genuine. Not only have their reviews being made up, but we believe that the names associated with the reviews have also been made up, which is cause for concern. Any company that is prepared to go to this length to lie about their reviews obviously isn’t providing their clients with a credible TikTok growth source.
  • Customer Support: Tik Boost is somewhat elusive about the customer support that they offer, and this is most likely because they aren’t offering all that much. Obviously, being able to get in touch with the company about their features should anything go wrong is an essential part of the process, so the fact that these guys can’t guarantee this is a big red flag. We suggest that you avoid companies that don’t have this kind of guarantee because it means that you are just in for a headache further down the track.

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Is Tik Boost Safe to Use? Is it a Scam?

Ultimately, we don’t think that we can recommend Tik Boost for you to use with your TikTok growth, because they are just another average scam company.

Their features are incredibly basic, they are low quality, they are associated with fake reviews and the profiles behind the features themselves are definitely going to be fake.

Despite the fact that they claim that they provide their clients with a fully secured service and attentive support that comes before anything else, we think that these guys are a cheap low-quality fake engagement service that is just trying to take advantage of their clients and make a quick profit while they’re at it.

Avoid companies like this like the plague.

Tik Boost
Tik Boost

Tik Boost is a company that claims to help their clients grow their TikTok profiles with their target audience, and they say that they can also customize their packages and tailor them to your needs. We think that they are running a fake engagement service.

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