Since its launch just a few days ago, Meta’s Threads has been making waves in the social media landscape, generating significant buzz and attracting a substantial user base.

The question on everyone’s mind is: How many users does Threads have? 

In this article, we delve into the numbers and explore the rapid rise of this potential “Twitter killer.”

Let’s dive right into the latest talk of the town.

Key Statistics

  • Over 150 million people are using Threads
  • Threads achieved the impressive milestone of reaching 100 million users within just 5 days
  • Threads is an application that prioritizes text posts while providing users the flexibility to share photos and videos
  • To begin using Threads, all you need is your current Instagram account
  • Threads is available in more than 100 countries across the globe
  • The maximum length for posts on Threads is capped at 500 characters
  • On Threads, users have the capability to upload videos with a duration of up to 5 minutes
  • Threads does not offer a built-in direct messaging system
  • Threads has garnered the distinction of being the most downloaded app on both the Play Store and App Store

Threads Users: How Many Users Does Threads Have?

How Many Users Does Threads Have

How many users does Threads have?

The much-talked-about social media craze launched by Meta, has achieved a significant milestone in its short existence.

As of the latest update, there are now over 150 million users actively engaged on Threads

Since its highly anticipated launch, Threads has experienced an exponential growth trajectory, far surpassing initial expectations.

In a matter of days, the platform garnered an impressive user base, with millions of individuals from various backgrounds and interests flocking to participate in discussions and share their thoughts. 

1. Threads’ User Count Since Release

Let’s jump into how many users does Threads have right after it launched into the public sphere.

Based on recent data collected, here are milestones achieved throughout Threads’ first week of release:

  • 2 hours after release, Threads reached 2 million users
  • 7 hours after release, Threads reached 10 million users
  • 24 hours after release, Threads reached 30 million users
  • 5 days after release, Threads reached 100 million users

2. What is Threads?

Meta, the parent company of popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, recently unveiled its newest addition to the social media landscape: Threads.

With its striking resemblance to Twitter, Instagram Threads has quickly garnered attention as a potential “Twitter killer.”

Threads, much like its counterpart Twitter, offers a feed primarily focused on text-based posts, though users also have the freedom to share photos and videos.

It provides a dynamic platform for real-time conversations, empowering individuals to engage in discussions that captivate their interests. 

Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, highlighted the vision behind Threads, stating that it aims to combine Instagram’s strengths with a renewed focus on textual content, ideas, and open dialogue.

3. How Do You Sign Up for Threads?

To create a Threads account, all you need is your existing Instagram account.

Log in using your Instagram username and password, and Threads will carry over your details and send a verification. 

This seamless integration ensures a smooth transition for users, allowing you to maintain your online identity across platforms.

4. Where Is Threads Available?

In its quest to provide a new and personalized social media experience, Threads has made an impressive global debut.

The app, launched in July 2023, is already making waves in over 100 countries worldwide, catering to a diverse range of users eager to connect and share in real-time.

5. Character Limit for Posts

Character Limit for Posts

Threads implemented a character limit for its posts.

With a maximum of 500 characters per post, Threads offers users a concise platform to share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences with their close circle of friends and beyond.

The decision to enforce a character limit has sparked a discourse around the art of concise communication and its impact on fostering meaningful conversations.

While some may view this restriction as inhibiting creativity, others perceive it as means for more thoughtful and impactful content.

6. Can I Post Some Media in Threads?

Threads lets you share videos and photos, giving you the freedom to express your creativity in a visual way.

Whether you’re capturing stunning landscapes or sharing candid moments, the app allows you to bring your stories to life through motion and imagery.

On Threads, you can upload videos up to 5 minutes long.

Whether it’s a short clip or a longer narrative, you can engage your audience with captivating motion.

Share your adventures, showcase your talents, or simply let your creativity shine through dynamic videos.

7. Messaging System in Threads

Upon logging in with their Instagram account, users gain access to a close circle of friends, consisting of trusted individuals with whom they can share their most private thoughts and updates. 

Unlike some other social media platforms, Threads does not prioritize public conversations or real-time chat. Instead, it centers around thoughtful exchanges in smaller, trusted groups.

This intentional approach cultivates an environment where users can engage in meaningful discussions and share their thoughts without the noise and distractions often associated with larger, more public platforms.

8. How Does Threads Differ from Twitter?

How Does Threads Differ from Twitter

Threads and Twitter have some notable differences such as the following:

  • Threads sets a character limit of 500 for all users, while Twitter offers a limit of 280 characters for unverified users and an extended limit of 25,000 characters for blue-badge users. 
  • Threads integrates with Instagram, which has over two billion users, while Twitter operates as a standalone platform. 
  • Videos on Threads can be up to 5 minutes long, while Twitter limits videos to 2 minutes and 20 seconds. 
  • Threads launched with a home feed only, whereas Twitter has a home, trending, and following feed. 
  • Unlike Twitter, Threads launched without the option to save drafts or posts, as well as without ads. 
  • Twitter imposes content viewing limits based on account type, while Threads has no such restrictions. 

9. Threads Is the Most Downloaded App in Play Store and App Store

In a remarkable feat of popularity, Threads, the innovative social media app developed by Meta, has soared to new heights by becoming the most downloaded application in both the Play Store and App Store in the United States. 

Since its highly anticipated launch just a few weeks ago, Threads has captivated users with its unique approach to connecting people through text conversations.


Thanks for tuning in in our article on how many people use Threads.

The popularity of Threads is undeniably impressive, with 100 million sign-ups in its first week alone.

As Meta’s innovative foray into the world of social media, Threads has quickly established itself as a contender for users seeking a more personal and intimate platform. 

With plans to enhance its features and compatibility with open social networking protocols, Threads is poised to shape the future of online conversations and community-building.


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