It is estimated that within the United States of America that some 2.4percent of adults regularly use some form of smokeless tobacco product, such as snuff or chewing tobacco. Given the population size of the country, that equates to around 5.9 million individuals. Of these millions of individuals, the vast majority of them state that they use smokeless tobacco on a daily basis. 

As is expected, it is men that are more likely to use these types of products than what women are. Around 4.7 percent of all men in America use smokeless tobacco in one form or another. That being said, there is no clear evidence as to what percentage of women within the states use these products, although it is estimated to be much less than men.

Where race is involved, it is caucasian (none hispanic) who are the biggest users of smokeless tobacco products, with around 3.4 percent of them being users. 

Use by region

Smokeless Tobacco Use us by region

It is no surprise that the use of smokeless tobacco products is more prevalent in the southern states of Florida, Texas, Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia etc. and in the midwest region, including Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, and North Dakota.

In these particular states, it is chewing tobacco that is the main smokeless tobacco product of choice. For the best chewing tobacco currently available for purchase in the country, follow the link.

Oppositely, it is least prevalent in the states of New York, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, and New Jersey in the north east of the country, and in Alaska, Nevada, California, Montana, and Oregon in the west of the United States of America. 

Smokeless tobacco use in America’s youth

Smokeless Tobacco

Amongst high school aged students in the United States of America, it is estimated that around 4.8 percent of them currently use smokeless tobacco products. Of this, 7.5 percent of them are male and 1.8 percent of them are female. This goes to show that there is somewhat of a problem of underaged youth using these products when they should not.

Just like with the adult population, it is mainly white youths (some 6.5 percent) using smokeless tobacco compared with around 2.6 percent of hispanic youths. 

Use with other products

Of those adults in America that smoke conventional cigarettes, around 3.5 percent of them also use some type of smokeless tobacco product.

However, in youth who smoke, this figure is much higher, with almost 10 percent of cigarette smokers using products, such as snuff and / or chewing tobacco. Some even admit to using multiple different smokeless tobacco products in addition to smoking cigarettes as well. 

A lot of the time, the use of smokeless tobacco is done in order to assist with a general move away from cigarettes altogether and for good. How effective this proves to be is still yet to be identified by scientists, although for many people it is a route that they take when performing the difficult task of quitting smoking