Technically, you can’t cheat when it comes to restoring the upholstery in your automobile, but you can take a shortcut that won’t sacrifice the quality of your car upholstery restoration. That shortcut is fabric spray or leather spray paint designed for upholstery applications.

First, what are your other options for restoring car upholstery?

  • Fabric Dye – This is something you must have done by a professional and it will cost you more than you think.
  • Upholstery Replacement – Again, unless you know how to sew well and can work with upholstery material, you need to hire a professional to do this and it will cost hundreds of dollars.
  • Car Seat Covers – Using car seat covers is a temporary solution that only covers up the problem and costs money to replace them every few years. Plus, it’s rare to find the exact perfect fit for your car seats.
  • Traditional Fabric Paint – Traditional fabric paint is messy and difficult to work with. You need a brush, gloves, and all kinds of extraneous supplies just to use it. The drying time for regular fabric paint is not conducive to a good shortcut because it’s time-consuming from start to finish.

If you’re like the rest of us, we don’t have the resources or money to hire someone to reupholster or dye car seats. However, for a lower investment, fabric spray paint gets two thumbs up from people who have used it for their old car seat restoration. Here is an example of a leather car seat in the middle of the spray painting process.


Look at how new the fabric spray paint side looks in comparison to the old, stained leather side.

That’s an example of leather spray paint that can restore your old car seats.

Just like the leather car seat shown, there are also examples of regular fabric car seats that have been spray painted and restored to like-new condition and appearance. Everyone will wonder where you got the work done, but you’ll know how cost-effective, fast, and easy it was to do yourself. Whether you tell or not is to you. Here’s a prime example of a before and after old car seat restoration using fabric spray paint. Isn’t it lovely?


Here is an example from a well-known fabric spray paint site that looks simply amazing.


The Benefits of Fabric Spray Paint
When you >choose the right fabric paint, you can enjoy these benefits.

  • Fast-drying paint that is dry to the touch in only 30 minutes
  • Stay-soft formula that won’t change the texture of the car seat or make it feel stiff or scratchy
  • Fade-resistant formula so you don’t have to worry about the color fading away
  • UV-resistant so the sun won’t affect its appearance
  • Won’t wipe off or bleed onto your clothes
  • Environmentally formula that is safe and suitable for fabric and upholstery
  • Washes off your hands easily with soap and water if you get it on your hands
  • Safe to use around the kids
  • Saves time and money

Now that you know the benefits of using fabric spray paint for old car seat restoration, it’s easy to see how it can seem like cheating, when it’s really just smart.