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The Chrons Reviews 2023

Promoting yourself online looks easy.

Everyone who’s got a good following on the likes of Instagram makes it look super simple – you upload, engage, and boom – you’ve got a popular Instagram account for your brand. However, it’s not this easy.

It takes a lot of hard work behind the scenes that can be time-consuming – especially if you do your own engagement.

Luckily, there are other entrepreneurs that have picked up on this niche and decided to start engagement companies who will work on your behalf. Let’s give one a review.

What is The Chrons?

The Chrons is a third party that call themselves the Instagram megaphone for business and brands.

In layman’s terms, it’s a company that sells Instagram growth. The website is a tad confusing and tends to be slow to load, which can be frustrating. When looking at this company as a whole, it doesn’t take long to realize that they’re just another Instagram bot.

You can use a bot to help you get ahead in the Instagram game, but you have to do so with caution. It’s a shortcut that comes with risks. Let’s give The Chrons a review.

A Review of The Chrons

We’re going to start with the positives:

  • Secure Site: The Chrons have started off on a good foot with a secure https site. This makes them more likely to rank on Google, which makes it easier for you to find them. It also means that if you share any information on their website, it’ll be safe from hackers.
  • Visible Prices: we did find a separate page on The Chrons website that gives us the lowdown on their pricing system and different packages. However, we were disappointed with how much it was going to set us back – $30 a week is the minimum, going up to $249 for four months. We don’t know about you, but we consider this a lot of money to spend on Instagram engagement, especially if it’s just generic software you could get elsewhere.
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Now, let’s finish with the negatives:

  • FAQ and help page: couldn’t find an FAQ and help page anywhere on The Chrons website. This is an essential level of transparency to have with potential clients – it helps to build trustworthy, professional relationships right from the very beginning. Without this, your potential clients will be left in the dark wondering what it is you do exactly.
  • 24/7 Customer Service: I think you already know about this one. If they don’t have an FAQ page, they’re certainly not going to bother having a customer support team on standby should you need them outside of regular business hours.
  • Email and Phone form present: another level of accountability that’s important to have if you’re running a business is a form that customers can fill out when signing up for your services. It’s a chance for you to get their information on file and make sure it’s correct so that you can maintain a reasonable level of communication. The Chrons does not have this.
  • Real Reviews: here’s the tricky part. Sometimes, it can be hard to decipher if a company’s reviews are genuine or not. Some people are really good at producing reviews that could be convincing. The Chrons is one of these companies. However, at the end of the day, we feel comfortable saying that they don’t have real reviews on their website. They’re most likely falsified.

Is The Chrons a Scam? Is The Chrons Safe?

In summary, we don’t believe that The Chrons is safe to use. They’ve tried really hard on their website to look like they offer a genuine, original Instagram marketing service. However, it didn’t take long for us to figure out that they’re just another generic bot that will take your money and not do a lot with it. Better to look elsewhere for your Instagram engagement.

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