Be careful what you wish for when you Google the phrase “best boutique PR firm”, and be prepared for the deluge of results headed your way.  The fact is that there are literally hundreds of boutique firms in existence. 

So it is understandable why many business and professionals tend to get overwhelmed when searching for a boutique PR firm that can meet their needs. 

Some firms are one-man shows that operate only within a niche space, while some firms can have a hundred or more employees and can have an impact on different media outlets. 

Of course, there are several ranking lists available online, which only serves to further confuse readers. 

Below is a list of no more than the top 5 boutique firms that has set themselves apart by not only being efficient but being equally effective.

O’Malley Hansen Communications

One of the strongest firms in the world, O’Malley Hansen has developed over the years the capacity and willingness to take on any challenge.

And boy do they deliver. O’Malley Hansen is the kind of boutique PR firm that can literally do it all.  From corporate reputation and brand management to social media or traditional marketing, they’ve got you covered. 

They have no problem getting in touch with and engaging influencers in almost any space or vertical. 

Household names like Energizer, Royal Canin and Pepsico, are but a few clients that have entrusted their image, communications and marketing to O’Malley Hansen.

360 Public Relations

Based out of Boston, and with offices in New York City, San Francisco and D.C., 360 prides themselves on being a consumer specialist agency. 

By leveraging the tools and services brought upon by the digital age, 360 is able to engage consumers on a visceral level to deliver tangible, and measurable outcomes for their clients. 

These include a host of companies that are both progressive and are looking to engage their customers of a higher level. 

Honeywell, Hasbro and Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic Airways, count themselves as satisfied clients of 360 Public Relations.

J Public Relations

Also known as JPR, the NYC headquartered firm is now a multi-national since opening their office in London.  Based out New York, JPR is a strong promoter of the luxury lifestyle. 

They employ over 50 influencers, tastemakers and veteran PR strategists, which definitely puts them in the category of a “big boutique PR firm”. 

With such a large team it is no wonder why their influence can be felt across North America and even across the pond.


San Francisco’s own, staffs 600 employees across 3 continents.  Lewis prides themselves on being agile to adjust to the ever changing demands of both the client and the markets they participate in. 

Their goal is to win the war for relevance, and many companies have let Lewis draw their battleplans for them.  This west coast powerhouse has some big names in their client roster which includes 20th Century Fox, Yahoo and Airbnb.

Peppercomm Inc.

With its influence spanning west coast to east coast and even the British coast, Peppercomm has come a long way since its first iteration serving as a B2B agency for the financial technology and professional services sectors. 

They have since ventured into and found success in the lifestyle, retail, wellness and consumer brand experience. 

Peppercomm uses the meticulous approach that they honed in their early years to make them highly competitive and highly reactive.