There are a number of different benefits for businesses (of all sizes) that come with leasing out a postage meter from a supplier. Some of these are listed below in more detail, along with an answer to the question of ‘should businesses invest in a postage meter?’

Provides An Opportunity For Self Promotion

With a postage meter, a business can print customized messages and images onto its envelopes or labels, thus acting as a great way of self promotion. This is especially beneficial for startups and small businesses that are still trying to make a name for themselves. 

Getting creative, some businesses use the opportunity to print onto their labels and envelopes updates and news, such as award nominations and upcoming projects of note. If a business were to rent a postage meter and then hook it up to a computer, images and designs can be easily uploaded to the machine.

Additionally, if the postage meter comes with several memory slots, it can store numerous different customized images and / or messages at the same time.

Makes A Business Appear More Professional

Send out mail to customers and clients that has a personalized stamp and a typed out address gives the impression of professionalism. This is in contrast to a handwritten address and the use of a regular postage stamp.

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Again, this is of benefit to startups and small businesses that are doing what they can to build up a large and loyal base of customers. Using a postage meter also minimizes the chances of mistakes being made when putting an address on a label or envelope.

This will prevent information from being read incorrectly and so will stop failed deliveries from happening, thus keeping customers and clients happy. Maintaining a good level of customer satisfaction is important for any and all businesses regardless of their size. With a postage meter, businesses never again have to worry about putting the right amount of postage on a parcel or envelope.

This is because the postage meter does that for them, thus ensuring that every piece of mail that is sent out is received by the desired recipient as is not either held up or not delivered due to having insufficient postage on it.

Improves Efficiency In The Workplace

Micro businesses or those ones that do not post many items, will not necessarily notice much in the way of improved efficiency when introducing a postage meter. Larger businesses, however, and those that send a lot of mail will definitely see a significant improvement.

Examples of the types of businesses that benefit the most include those in the sales and marketing industries. This is because businesses within these type of industries often send out large mass mailings all at once and so having to do this manually would be very time consuming.

Thanks to using a postage meter, it means that tasks that were previously highly time consuming are now fully automated, thus freeing up employee time to focus on other jobs and tasks that are more urgent.

This is particularly helpful in those smaller businesses where there is only one employee and no spare time to be spent handwriting names and addresses on envelopes and then sealing them.

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Reduces The Cost Of Sending Mail

Sending mail, whether that be locally or internationally, can be rather expensive and can become a significant cost over time for businesses. So to have the opportunity to reduce cost without any negatives, is something that most businesses, regardless of their size, would want to take advantage of – especially when that solution comes with many other benefits also. 

Any business that uses a postage meter is able to get a significant discount from Pitney Bowes and the United States Postal Service (USPS). Some postage meters come with the option for financial reporting that lets businesses see just how much they have saved by using the machine in comparison to purchasing online or regular stamps instead.

Should Businesses Invest In A Postage Meter?

It is clear to see that there are numerous different benefits that can be had from investing in a postage meter. For those businesses that are forking out a minimum of $50 each and every month on sending mail, they will benefit greatly from leasing out a postage meter from one of the many approved suppliers that there are in the USA. The rental of the devices costs as little as $29 per month so it is well worth the investment.