When his parents were away, did you remember that popular kid who threw the entire school a party? Still, you weren’t sure whether you should go or not since it would be talked about for the rest of your life.

That’s how Instagram works. A party unlike any other. There is no other party that could play such a pivotal role in your business.

eCommerce, restaurants, local stores, and even transportation businesses, everyone is capitalizing on Instagram as the popularity of the platform keeps increasing with time. 

According to recent research – a video and photo-sharing platform – has one billion subscribers worldwide, with more than half a billion posting content daily, making it the sixth biggest social media platform followed by WeChat, Facebook Messenger, YouTube, and WhatsApp.

Therefore, should your ride-hailing business use Instagram to promote its brand?

Of course, yes. First, new generations of customers are less likely to look at a company’s website; they rather check out their Instagram page.

It’s not good to have less than 100 followers and an outdated profile.

In addition, if your company doesn’t appear on social media or if it does so poorly, you could lose customers.

On the whole, Instagram is a platform that can reach millions of people and significantly affect how your ride-hailing company markets itself.

If you are a fleet business owner and still pondering, can Instagram really take your ride-hailing business to the next level?

Before answering this question, go through some eye-popping statistics about Instagram. 

What Makes Instagram the Number One Social Networking Site?

      Source: Oberlo

Users’ time spent on social networking sites is increasing. There’s no way a business can avoid Instagram with these eye-opening stats we are going to discuss.

Instagram acts as a catalyst to your brand’s success since it allows you to reach a whole new world of customers.

Take a look at these shocking statistics that will explain why Instagram could be your most important business tool:

  • Approx. 81% of customers utilize Instagram to research products and services
  • More than 48.8% of businesses are active on Instagram
  • The platform boasts 50 million active users
  • There are about ten times more engagements on Instagram than on Facebook, 54 times more engagements on Pinterest, and 84 times more engagements on Twitter.
  • 60% of Instagram users log in daily 

The above statistics give you a better understanding of Instagram’s potential for your online taxi business. In addition to answering the above question, Instagram can significantly increase business sales.

Instagram users were widely using the app in its early days to post aspirational travel and food photos. With the app’s growth, the user base changed, and interest grew to a new level. 

In fact, fleet business owners searching for solutions that offer social sharing features within their solutions, if you are one of them, embracing the below solutions brings better results. 

  • Eber is one of the best platforms that come with social media features and helps you grow followers and business. 
  • Zrix allows transportation business owners to automate their booking operations and comes with numerous social media features to boost brand awareness. 

In short, the key to success is to market on Instagram. In addition to being a social media platform, Instagram is a great way to grow your business’ exposure and engagement. 

Reasons Why Ride-hailing Business Should Focus on Instagram

Taxi Booking

Instagram has more active monthly users than either Facebook or Twitter. As this social network becomes more popular and visual marketing grows, small businesses and non-profits should use Instagram as a social marketing tool.

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter do not offer the same marketing opportunities that Instagram offers.

Instagram can be an excellent platform to reach this demographic if your target audience belongs to the young generation group.

Instagram is the perfect place to be if you’re in the fashion, food, or travel and transportation niches since those industries heavily rely on visual marketing plans.

You should consider Instagram as a means of driving sales for your taxi booking company for the following reasons.

Any Size of Business Can Bloom

Instagram is an important platform for businesses since it has so many users to choose from. Moreover, popular ride-hailing companies like Uber, Lyft, Ola, etc., use this platform to grow bookings and brand awareness.

Although success won’t happen overnight for even the biggest companies, Instagram’s marketing capabilities can help an organization get on the map. 

Keep an active presence and post at least one time per day to reach your target audience and raise brand awareness.

For instance, you can educate your audience on how you ensure a contactless ride experience to passengers amid the pandemic.

Here you can also take advantage of the best live chat software to assist customers right away. 

Instagram has been the best marketing tool for household names like Coca-Cola and Adidas, as well as hundreds of small businesses, so there are full chances that your cab booking business will thrive in a short time. 

Draw Traffic to Your Website and App

Web Traffic

There is usually a link to your website in your Instagram bio, which is the first thing your visitors see. You can be sure they will click on the link and end up on your booking website if they are interested.

To encourage your users to visit your site or install the app, you can even include the “link in the bio” text within your post and stories. 

Getting the “swipe up” feature on your Instagram stories is possible once you have enough followers. Your followers would then be directed to your website. 

The Power of Visuals

The brain receives 90% of its information visually. No matter what product you have, it must be presented visually.

Instagram is the perfect platform to share images of your product/brand since Kissmetrics found that “content with relevant images gets better engagement than content without relevant images.”

As a taxi business owner, posting photos of the “amazing trip” of your customers will convey the information efficiently and help you reach more followers. 



In order to succeed online, credibility is vital, and Instagram is a great way to establish credibility in your industry.

Share your vast knowledge of your field on Instagram with tips, fun facts, or the high quality of your work. 

As an online taxi booking company, displaying photos of a spacious fleet is excellent to demonstrate your credibility.

You can include a caption in your photo to explain how polished cars you use to make a ride comfortable. You can share your expertise on Instagram no matter what business you’re in.

Wrapping It Up

To build a legit following on Instagram, there is no secret or special method. So make sure you plan your Instagram strategy carefully.

Build a brand community by optimizing your bio with a compelling call to action.

People don’t just post their food pictures or selfies on this site, but it’s a central social media platform with a growing audience of 18-34 years old.

This article was provided by Deep Moteria

Deep is an aspiring entrepreneur and Co-founder of Elluminati Inc. Deep has led 75+ startups on the right path with their information-admiring entrepreneurial skill and guidelines.

Along with that, he loves to craft content on topics including on-demand economy, entrepreneurship, technology trends and many more.