Instagram Automation: Grow Your Followers on Auto

Instagram Automation

You can think of Instagram and social media as the second gold rush. Everyone’s running around, looking to capture as many followers (gold) as possible. Unfortunately, there are only but so many hours in a day. And when you have a company or brand to run, you don’t have that kind of time. There’s a […]

The Best Boutique PR Firms


Be careful what you wish for when you Google the phrase “best boutique PR firm”, and be prepared for the deluge of results headed your way.  The fact is that there are literally hundreds of boutique firms in existence.  So it is understandable why many business and professionals tend to get overwhelmed when searching for […]

4 Ways to Optimize Your PR Game

4 Ways to Optimize Your PR Game

2015 brought a plethora of changes in technology, which resulted in making it a dynamic year for communications and marketing. These technologies are constantly evolving, therefore anyone involved in PR, advertising, and marketing needs to keep up with the pace. Being continually connected has altered the way people shop, work, play, and live. The fact […]

Top 10 Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Company


Marketing your business properly is no joke when it comes to attracting the successful career you deserve. This article is designed to help you discover some of the most effective ways to market your company and reach your goals. 1. Know Your Audience Knowing your audience is going to be the key to attracting a […]

How a Connected World has Changed the Way We Do Business


Whether you’re lucky enough to be able to work entirely from home, or just use the web to communicate with colleagues and clients through email or Skype, the impact that a connected world has had on the way we do business is undeniable. For some companies and innovators, embracing the tools which the web offers […]