What is the Relationship Between SEO and Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging was once quite popular and then in the past few years, it has fallen to the wayside. As a matter of fact, Google’s Matt Cutts told bloggers to stop allowing guest posts and guest bloggers to stop guest posting for backlinks to their sites. He said the effort was futile, but there was […]

Develop Your Own Guest Post Program


Guest blogging offers several benefits to the guest blogger and the blog upon which they guest post. This is a powerful marketing tool for blogs and bloggers. If guest blogging is done right, it is one of the most efficient methods for expanding your reach to new audiences, building vital backlinks to your site, and […]

7 Essential SEO Tips That Will Boost Your Business


Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO, is a world of its own. Its waters can be challenging to navigate due to its crafty nature. It’s also moody and fickle, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it work to your advantage without delegating your SEO to outside sources. The key is to have it […]