How could a Brexit impact on health and safety laws?


The EU referendum on the 23rd June could have a significant impact on all areas of laws, regulations and working practices in the UK. One aspect that could be particularly affected is health and safety regulation. The EU lays down a variety of health and safety legislation, as originally agreed in Article 153 of the […]

Landlords: What do you need to do to keep your business safe?


Despite all the hysteria surrounding Brexit. There is still one massive problem that the UK is facing. The housing crisis. This is still undoubtedly a major¬†problem that the nation is facing. The government still needs to build an estimated 240,000 homes in order to put everyone in our growing population into a home. But with […]

Crazy trends as foreign buyers flood US real estate

real estate

There used to be a time where buying a home in the United States represented a fulfilment of a long time goal. It meant that you made it, that you achieved a part of the American dream. Although those sentiments still stand today, it is overshadowed by the hordes of foreigners looking to get in […]