Are you thinking of starting a business with your own car? A local delivery business is one you can start and manage easily.

On top of that, the business is likely to pick up quickly, and you’ll earn good profits to start improving and adding more ideas to it. 

You will only need to spend a little on equipment as you already have most of what’s required.

One common expectation customers have these days, especially in ecommerce is to have goods they purchased delivered right to their doorstep, and technology has made this possible.

This means you’ll have a lot of local customers needing your assistance delivering their goods from stores that don’t offer delivery services. Stores can also approach and trust you to deliver to some of their loyal customers. 

There are a lot of opportunities that can arise from running a delivery service with your own car.

This will make your business expand within a short period. However, before we get too excited about the future, let’s begin with where to start.

It Would Be An Advantage To Use A Spacious Vehicle

One thing that makes starting this business easier is already owning a car. This means you’re already a skilled driver, licensed, and insured, and are familiar with the local road network.

Advantage To Use A Spacious Vehicle

But, does your car have enough space to accommodate various kinds and sizes of items you will be delivering to your customers?

An SUV, a cargo van, and a box truck are some vehicles that should be right for this job. They’re spacious and can accommodate several products together with any equipment you may be using.

This way, it will be easy to load many items before going out to deliver to various destinations.

A compact car can work if you’ll only be delivering small parcels. However, you may miss out on offers and opportunities concerning large-sized packages when delivering locally.

Also, your vehicle must be fuel-efficient, so you don’t have to spend all your profits on fuel. 

Right at the planning stage, you need to take steps that would prevent you from being involved in road accidents.

Otherwise, you might find yourself looking for a commercial truck accident lawyer or other such accident attorneys.

These are attorneys who have experience and expertise in representing people involved in road accidents.

Get Your Equipment Ready

Once you’re happy with your car, you need a couple more items before your business is all set and ready.

There are some pieces of equipment that will help ensure that you get all your delivery jobs executed effectively.

  • A dolly or hand truck is best for moving parcels or boxes; you can find it in major retail stores like Target and Home Depot.
  • Ratchet straps will help secure the items you’re carrying.

Bungee cords can also assist with tying down and ensuring extra protection of products.

  • Moving blankets will help prevent things from breaking.
  • Stretch wrap is also an excellent protective tool if you’ll be delivering furniture too.
  • You need a tarp and red flag if you’ll be using a pickup truck. The tarp covers and protects the items from rain, and the red flag is to be attached at the end.
  • A separate cell phone to handle business-related calls and texts.

Come Up With A Catchy Name

The name of your business is important. It should be unique, catchy, and aligned with the idea for your delivery service.

When you settle on a  name, it’s time to register your business. For a unique name that isn’t taken by an established and operating brand, visit the office of the State Secretary of your local community.

A more straightforward option is visiting platforms like LegalZoom, which can also help with the legalities of your business.

If you’re the only owner of this business, then you can register it as a sole proprietorship. However, a limited liability corporation (LLC) is better if you have partners.

You can consult an accountant or lawyer for help with the type of registration you should opt for if you need more clarification. Also, visit a hosting site to have a website created and get a domain for your business.

Market Your Business

Now that you have a vehicle, all the equipment needed, and a registered business, it’s time to market your service.

Market Your Business

This is to get your name and the services you provide known. You can start by informing friends and family you’re open for business.

To reach a larger audience in your community, use X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, and other social media platforms to advertise your business.

A simple post letting people know you’re open for business and the kinds of goods you can deliver is efficient for now. 

You can also ask friends and followers to share the post so it reaches more people. Another excellent marketing source is building a website and using SEO optimization tools to ensure it pops up when people are searching for delivery.

Call or visit local stores that may need your services. If a store indicates that they usually have customers looking for transport, then leave your cards or flyers to ensure they can reach you when needed. 

Build And Maintain A Good Reputation

Give each of your customers an excellent service so that they think of you anytime they need something delivered. Good communication, professionalism, and cleanliness are components of excellent service.

When you provide an excellent service, you’ll establish repeat customers and gain more, as your brand is worth mentioning and recommending to others.

You can also have a loyalty program to set you apart from the competition. Individual customers can receive a discounted or free delivery after a certain number of delivery requests. 

You could come up with discounted packages for stores that generally need you to transport many items at once; for example, giving them a fixed price for a certain number of products. 

Insure Your Business

If you’ve got car insurance, then that’s  great, but it’s good to have cover for your business too. Imagine how risky transporting items that cost more than your monthly profit is. How will you replace them if they get damaged? 

Insuring your delivery business is also good for your reputation, as some customers will only associate themselves with an insured delivery company. Contact a local insurance company, compare quotes, and pick one you can afford. 

Our Verdict

Opening a local delivery business may be easy when you already own a vehicle. However, it doesn’t mean just driving your car, picking up and dropping off parcels.

A lot goes into establishing a legitimate brand, marketing it, and maintaining a good reputation.

Customers must trust you with moving their products, and you must have all the equipment needed to keep things running smoothly.

This way, you have loyal customers who put in a good word for you to others whenever the issue of delivery comes up.

Going through all the basic steps above will help your delivery business take off and reach even greater heights.