The lights, sounds, action, and of course, people—all are vibrant parts of casino life. As if they weren’t already lively enough, casino music is also needed. Both land-based and online casinos aren’t just about being a player who wins big cash prizes. It is also about experiencing a magical adventure you will never forget. So, that trifecta of sights and sounds to create a perfect setting is a must-try in your next gaming session. 

Casino music adds an extra layer of fun, entertainment and relaxation. According to casino expert Peter Deli, it controls and sets the playing mood which, in turn, immerses you at the moment completely and increases your gambling desire. 

As critical as music’s role is in determining your success in playing, the more important matter to be addressed now is what genre and which musician could be effective in spicing up your gaming experience? If you are into funky beats in a winning gamble, then this is the page for you because we’ll tell you about Nigerian artist Augustine Miles Kelechi.

Meet Tekno Miles

Augustine Miles Kelechi, otherwise known as Tekno and the King of Afro Pop (according to his bio in his Instagram account) is a 29-year old Nigerian singer, songwriter, producer, and dancer. It is due to these talents that led him to be called ‘Tekno’ because it is a nickname for ‘Nigeria’s Chris Brown’. Other nicknames given to him were the ‘Golden Boy of Africa’, ‘Slim Daddy’, and ‘Alhaji Tekno’ to match his music prowess. 

True enough, Miles is a global icon with millions of followers on his social media accounts and views in music videos. He is in his late 20s but he is already a phenomenal sensation and, of course, the pride of his nation. The musician is rated as one of the richest, most influential and followed Nigerian artists with an estimated net worth of $2.5 million by 2020. 

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Miles was born in Bauchi State on December 17, 1992, and now resides in the Ivo Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. He is from a family of six siblings, and his younger brother Augustine Uche, who performs under the stage name Spotless, is also a musician.

Albeit being from Ebonyi State, Miles grew up in numerous states due to his father’s service in the Nigerian Army. Abuja, Nasarawa, and Kaduna were among the locales that sparked his ingenuity and diversity. He is from the Igbo tribe, but he also grew up among the Hausa and other ethnic groups, where he learned about other cultures and languages.

Musical Career

Miles’ love of music began as a child, and it grew stronger when he was enrolled in a music school at the age of eight. He learned how to play the piano and guitar while he was there.

Aside from humility, another striking quality of his is his persistence in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. After performing the song ‘Onye Ne Kwu’, which was his remix of Ice Prince’s ‘Oleku’, at an event in Abuja, he gained the attention of popular personalities like comedian Julius Agwu and duo record label managers Iyanya and Ubi Franklyn. 

This didn’t take long and soon he was signed to K-Money Entertainment as an up-and-coming musician. In 2013, he released his debut single, ‘Holiday’, which featured Davido on vocals. It received widespread exposure on numerous radio stations and television (TV) channels, establishing him as a major figure in Nigerian music.

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Duo Iyanya and Ubi Franklyn were the managers of the record label Made Men Music Group (MMMG), a Nigeria-based recording company. They signed Miles in 2013 where he released singles like ‘Dance’ and ‘Anything’, as well as a compilation album entitled ‘The Evolution’. 

‘Duro’ was Miles’ biggest breakthrough single, and it cemented his place in the music industry and in the public eye. DJ Coublon produced it, and on June 18, 2015, it was uploaded to YouTube. Just like the ‘Holiday’, it was positively received by listeners when it was played on radio stations and TV networks across Africa and the United States,

Miles’ Casino Playlist To Try in Casino Gaming

Could Afro Pop be your genre in casino gaming? Like the massive continent of Africa, it is a vast and varied type of music that consists of contemporary genres crossbred with Western popular music. Here we share with you two of his notable recorded and released songs that you can listen to while playing your favourite casino games.

1. Mufasa (released on February 23, 2022)

‘Mufasa’, one of Miles’ most recent songs, ranks top on the list. The singer shares that this is one of the songs he likes to listen to while spinning the reels or wagering his bets, so it appears that it’s not just the fans who have this song stuck in their heads. The upbeat tempo of the song mixed with the uplifting verses seems to be certain to jazz you up and lead you straight to a win.

2. Pana (released on August 23, 2016)

Certainly, you have already expected to see this one on the list because, after all, who can forget that this is also one of Miles’ greatest hits? Well, all of them are actually great, but if we were to pick one from the young Nigerian musical prodigy, it really had to be Pana. In fact, he seemed to agree since he has added it to his casino playlist.

Pana has a compelling beat that will have you dancing in no time, much like all of Miles’ songs. As you seek thrills in your gamble and spin the reels of your favourite slots, the African drumming in the background generates a melodic sound that will make you feel excited.



Miles’ musical genius was further underscored by the two accolades he got, in addition to the great reception he received from the public:

  • Best Pop Extra Video (for ‘Duro’), 9th Nigeria Music Video Awards, 2015
  • The Best New Act, MTV Africa Music Awards, 2016

Recent Sponsorship: Bitcasino’s New Global Ambassador

With the global influence of Augustine Miles Kelechi today, it is no secret that world-renowned brands follow him to represent them. 

After Miles’ $18 million endorsement agreement with MTN Nigeria, Sony Music saw his potential and signed him to an international $4 million deal. Now, his musical prowess and undeniable appeal have extended beyond the music industry because of his recent partnership with the first licenced online crypto casino, Bitcasino. 

So, if you are wondering where to play his songs in your casino gaming sessions, then look no further because he is Bitcasino’s new global ambassador. He joined the family of partnerships with 3ICE (Canadian 3-on-3 ice hockey league), Evil Geniuses (one of the world’s best esports organisations), and King Kaka (Kenyan hip hop star).