Sock choices are endless. You can try out different styles and lengths to find what works best for your feet, or you could just buy a few pairs at once! You can choose from ankle socks, crew socks, knee socks, and much more.

Top 10 Major Lengths to Consider Before Buying a Sock:

Ankle socks 

Ankle socks are short, usually around two inches in length. They’re not confused with crew socks, which sit right above the ankle. Ankle socks can be worn with shorts or pants that end near the ankle, but they aren’t ideal for any athletic activity that requires extra cushioning or heavy-duty support.

Crew socks

Crew socks sit at the ankle and can be worn with shorts or pants that stop above the ankle. They generally aren’t very long, so they won’t flap around in your shoe if you go running or play basketball in them.

¼ socks

They are more commonly known as “knee-high” socks, typically worn with skirts or dresses. They tend to slip down the leg, so they should be secured in place if you plan on dancing or doing anything else that’s likely to cause movement.

¾ socks

They are also called “over-the-knee” socks. These are much longer than your average ankle socks. They can be worn with high heels, boots, or any type of shoes that end above the knee.


Over-the-calf socks

They are an inch above the knee and are most commonly associated with women’s fashion. Although they’re not typically worn for athletic purposes, they’re perfect if you want extra warmth for your legs.

Thigh-high socks 

These are identical to over-the-knee socks, only a bit longer. They’re not meant to be worn with boots or shoes that end above the knee, as they would most likely slide down from their position on your leg.

Diabetic socks 

If you have diabetes, you’ll want to make sure you get socks that fit well and give you enough room to adjust them if your feet swell. Diabetic socks are typically made of a thinner fabric than regular socks, and they’re available in multiple lengths.

Long crew socks 

They are also called “no show” or “invisible,” this sock is meant to be worn inside the shoe and should be visible only if your pants and shoes are pulled up to your calves.

Knee socks 

Knee socks are slightly shorter than the standard sock length and typically fall right above the knee. The advantage to wearing these instead of a regular pair is that they’re cuter, softer, and easier to put on.

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Short crew socks 

This style is just as it sounds: shorter than a standard crew sock by about an inch or two. It comes in handy if you wear shorts and don’t want your socks to show through with the fabric of your pants.

Best Socks to Team Up With Leather Shoes!

If you’re going to buy a leather shoe for men, be sure to choose socks made of a soft fabric. You should match the socks up with them. It will ensure that your feet remain comfortable and fit well in them without making them too tight or too loose. Leather is a rigid material that doesn’t allow for many stretches. 

So if you choose socks that are made of cotton, they’ll be the best. If you need more grip on your sports shoes, go for ankle socks with mesh on top to allow better ventilation.

Business socks 

They are the perfect match for any pair of men’s dress shoes, from polished oxfords to suede brogues. These socks can be knitted from various materials, including cotton, wool, or silk, but most brands make them out of one of these three fabrics.

leather shoes and socks

Dress socks

They are also made with silk, wool, or cotton. Dress socks come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and they are best for leather shoes for men, which means you can get creative when it comes to picking out your favourite pair(s).

Longer Socks vs Shorter Socks

The choice between ankle socks and crew socks is primarily based on personal preference. For example, you might be comfortable with ankle-length or mid-calf socks; you might feel most comfortable when the hose reaches your knee.

Before buying multiple pairs of different socks, try on all of them to see which length suits you best. Determine whether you want to show off your socks when wearing shoes or if you’d rather have them hidden under your pants.


Although you can wear any length of socks for practically any activity, not every hose is appropriate for every situation. Therefore, choosing the best ones to fit your specific needs is essential. For instance, if you’re going out with someone new, consider wearing over-the-calf or knee-high socks. 

Or, if you want extra cushioning around your ankles for sports, try wearing quarter socks. If you’re not sure what sock length to get, just ask someone who works in the foot care business! Look for dil ke deals to get the best place to buy all kinds of socks like ankle socks and any kind of leather shoe for men.