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SocialPlus Reviews 2024

Ever wanted to take your Instagram growth to the next level, but didn’t quite know how to approach it? Well, now you can. Just as the world of Instagram has taken off, so has the social media growth industry.

There are now thousands of companies available to help you with all kinds of different engagement strategies. Not all of them are viable, though, and some of them should be banned altogether.

Let’s review SocialPlus specifically, and decide whether we think they’re worth your time or not overall.

SocialPlus Review

Social Plus Review - Logo

SocialPlus is an Instagram follower service to help you with everything from automatic likes and views, to followers.

They say that their engagement is organic, and they also claim to be able to deliver their services immediately. There is a huge chance that they’re a bot farm.

The biggest issue that we have with bots out there is that they put your account at too much risk to be worth it.

It would be nice if you could use automation like this to grow your Instagram profiles, but in reality they’re just going to spam your content to the wrong people, and get you in trouble with Instagram itself.

What is Social Plus?

SocialPlus Features

As we mentioned above, SocialPlus has put a bit of time and effort into looking like an organic Instagram growth service.

They seem to promise organic engagement and explain on their homepage that they can help their clients not only with Instagram but with YouTube and other social media networks out there.

They claim that their expert services are executed by a team of specialists, which makes it a lot easier to stand out from the crowd and make a name for yourself.

They say that what makes them different is their goal to help you get results that are going to stick around for the long term and benefit your brand on a larger scale.

While we appreciate the intention behind what they’re saying, we’re not too sure just how legitimate their services are.

There’s every chance that they’re just one more Instagram bot that you don’t want to risk using with your account.

A Review of SocialPlus

+ Positives:

Site is Secure

We are very pleased to see that they have secured their site with https, meaning that they have protected their website with encryptions, allowing their clients to share information that might be confidential without worrying about it getting stolen.

It helps them a lot in the face of Google, too, as they will get a better ranking.

Visible Pricing

SocialPlus Pricing

SocialPlus has featured their pricing online, but not on their homepage. You have to click through to another page to see it, and even then, it’s a little bit confusing.

Their likes begin from just $1.95, which personally for us is more on the cheap side than affordable. They do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with this, though, which we can appreciate.

FAQ page

If you scroll further down their homepage, you’ll see that they have questions and answers section to help their clients find out more about how they work.

We like that they have included this, and think that it should be included on all other Instagram growth sites.

– Negatives

Fake Reviews

It’s pretty hard at this point for us to believe their reviews that they’ve got on their homepage because, at this point in time, they are a new service with very little reputation.

They have a lot of first names only and mimic the owner’s writing style (yes we wrote to him a few times!). Many also have no avatar attached to them. Fake. Fake. Fake. Just like their Trustpilot.

Customer Service

We do like that SocialPlus has a chatbox on their website so that you can talk to them directly about any setbacks you might have prior to signing up with them.

However, we can’t confirm for sure whether this customer service is available around the clock, so be careful here.

Email and Phone Form

Having a phone and email form is pretty important – it’s the kind of accountability that companies like this should have so that they can stay connected with their clients when the need arises.

We couldn’t see anything like this on SocialPlus’ website, which means that they aren’t interested in keeping their clients up to date about their features.

Top SocialPlus Alternatives

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Is SocialPlus Safe to Use? Is Social Plus a Scam?

So, with all that to say, we don’t think that SocialPlus is safe to use, and we do think that it’s a scam. While we appreciate the effort that they’ve put into their website, it’s obvious to us that they are just another automated bot.

While this might help you find a few new followers, it will ultimately put your page at more risk than you need. This is why it’s worth finding something real that’s going to take care of you instead.

SocialPlus User Reviews

Here are some reviews we found for SocialPlus on Trustpilot. There is also a user reviews section at the end of this article for you to check out.

SocialPlus trustpilot

Review Summary


We don't recommend SocialPlus. As we mentioned earlier, they are nothing short of a bot farm, which isn't the kind of feature you want associated with your account. They bring way too much risk to be worth it.

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