Socially Rich Review – Are They Safe & Risk-Free?

Socially Rich Review

2020 Update: Are Instagram bots dead? They are not! There are just a lot fewer services to choose from now. So it’s more important than ever to pick a service that keeps your account safe.

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With the world of online marketing, it’s good to get a solid foot in the door with your brand.

Because most things are online these days, it’s the place to have exposure if you want to market it right. Social Media platforms like Instagram are a great way to connect your brand with the people who will be interested, and outsourcing your engagement is a strategic move.

However, not all marketing and engagement companies can be trusted with your account.

Let’s review SocialyRich and see how they shape up.

What is Socially Rich?

Socially Rich is an automated service that sells Instagram growth and engagement. This means that it’s likely to be an Instagram bot, which you should approach with a certain level of caution. They claim to be able to get 1000 people to follow your account or your money back. They describe their services as viral growth and work on the premise of being fast with their turnaround. This isn’t always a good thing, however. Slower growth can mean the engagement is more likely to be organic. Let’s take a look at Socially Rich and see how they rate.

A Review of Socially Rich

First, let’s assess the positives

  • Secure Site: fortunately, Socially Rich does appear to have a secure https site. This means that any information you share on it won’t be at risk of fraud. It’s an important aspect and a very good thing that they have this.
  • Visible Prices: Socially Rich has a page dedicated to their services and different price points, so you can assume they’re not sneaky about their charges and everything is upfront.
  • FAQ and Help Page: it looks like Socially Rich has an existing FAQ and help page, which is good if you want to see what other people have asked when thinking about joining their services. It’s also a good level of accountability on their part.

Now, let’s look into the negatives

  • 24/7 Customer Support: while Socially Rich has a support page, this is the extent of its assistance. You can contact them within business hours should you need anything. However, you won’t be able to reach them if you get stuck out of their regular business hours and need urgent help.
  • Email Form: one of the most essential pieces of accountability with a website that provides a service is the email and phone number form you fill out when signing up. Socially Rich does not have this, which makes us question its validity.
  • Real Reviews: while Socially Rich has reviews present on their site, they do not appear to be real. Another red flag that suggests they’re not entirely honest.
  • Verified Payment Gateway: not having an authenticated, secure way of processing payments is potentially the biggest red flag with Socially Rich. This suggests that they aren’t upfront in some way. Additionally, this could compromise personal information like your credit card number.

Is Socially Rich a Scam? Is Socially Rich Safe?

While SociallyRich does have a secure site, visible prices and a help page where you can connect with them, unfortunately, they still can’t be trusted and aren’t safe.

They make false claims on their website and have fake reviews which don’t bode well for the functionality of their services once you’ve committed to one of their packages.

It’s almost certainly just an Instagram bot, and hard to trust.

It’s best to avoid companies and websites like this, in case valuable information you share is stolen. It also puts your Instagram account at risk.

SociallyRich Alternatives & How it Compares

GrowthoidGrowth Service Check Price
NitreoInstagram Bot Check Price
Stellation MediaDashboard Check Price
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  1. please spend your money elsewhere, it’s a waste of money as the likes/follows aren’t real there is no actual ‘growth’

  2. It’s an absolute scam. They claim to have a 3 day free trial but when you ask them to cancel it before it’s over, they repeatedly ignore you and try to steal your money. I had to block my card in order to stop them from stealing from me. Also, their service is very poor. They don’t achieve what they claim AT ALL, it’s probably a bot that doesn’t even get you targeted followers. Very fraudulent company. Stay away.

  3. I think that no service can guarantee you “viral growth”. No one really knows what it takes for something to go viral. More often than not it’s just pure luck. Socially Rich looks like just another Instagram bot. I just checked their website and oh wow! It’s expensive! I wouldn’t pay that much for a bot.


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