On 31st July 2018, SocialDrift posted a note that it has been forced to shut down. ViralUpgrade and InstaHeap have also been forced to close. Previously, we had reviewed SocialDrift – that story is still available below for your reference.

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Original SocialDrift Review

When it comes to outsourcing your engagement on Instagram, there are typically only two or three ways to do so.

Firstly, you could invest in an organic growth company where you team up with a case manager to help you do so.

Secondly, you could invest in a bot. There’s been a bit of controversy around bots lately, as some of them don’t add up and claim things they aren’t. Let’s take a look at one of these and see whether it’s worth using for your Instagram engagement or not.

What is SocialDrift?

SocialDrift is a typical Instagram bot. Similarly to Viral Upgrade (now shut down), they call their bot “smart boost”.

It performs all the basic functions that you will find with any other bot – automatically scheduling follows, likes, comments, etc. It claims to do all these things on your behalf while growing your account organically – another declaration that a lot of bots are attempting to adhere to, these days.

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Social Drift says that it is affiliated with specific big brands like McDonald’s and Forbes, but the authenticity of this immediately raises red flags.

Let’s take a look at SocialDrift and see whether it’s worth using as an Instagram bot.

A Review of Social Drift

Let’s begin with looking at the positives first

  • Secure Site: SocialDrift’s site has been determined safe and secure to use, which is a good start. You don’t want to be associated with a bot that doesn’t have a reliable site.
  • Prices Visible: this bot displays its prices openly and with transparency, meaning that you won’t get stung in the future with hidden costs.
  • FAQ page: Social Drift has an FAQ and help page available on its website. This is a must for an Instagram bot because you want to be able to communicate with them when something goes wrong. You don’t like this aspect to be too complicated.
  • Email Form Present: a form for your email and phone number is present on the website – another good indication.
  • Verified Payment: their payment process is validated and authenticated, making it a secure website to make payments on.

Now, for the negatives

  • 24/7 Support: SocialDrift does not provide 24/7 support for their services. This is undoubtedly a red flag – if they’re making themselves hard to reach, then you might run into trouble using their services at some point.
  • Reviews: there are no real onsite reviews of SocialDrift or any other the services they offer. The testimonials given are so over-the-top that they obviously wrote them. This means that you have to search for reviews of SocialDrift separately, costing you extra time.
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Is SocialDrift a Scam? Is SocialDrift Safe?

Despite there being a few functional aspects to this bot, it’s not safe enough to be used in association with your Instagram account.

One huge red flag with Social Drift is that they have false affiliations with big name brands like McDonald’s and Forbes on their website. This is frankly laughable.  UPDATE: They have now removed the McDonalds logo from their website after McDonald’s ordered them to. Here is a cached version of the website for your reference.

This means they are openly lying about the companies they are partnered with, and attempting to gain popularity on the back of big name brands that they are not in any way associated with.

If they can’t be honest about this aspect, they’re not likely to be too honest about anything else.

What else are they lying about? Who knows.

This poster on Reddit isn’t happy. Also, be sure to check their Facebook community page for a shocking example of their customer support. It’s likely they will delete their page soon, so here is a screenshot of one post:

Social Drift Community Page

Best to avoid this bot.

Social Drift Alternatives & How it Compares

SocialDrift doesn’t make our list of top IG bots.

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