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SocialDrift Shutdown & The Best Alternatives

Social Drift Shutdown

On 31st July 2018 SocialDrift posted a note that it has been forced to shut down. ViralUpgrade and InstaHeap have also been forced to close. Previously, we had reviewed SocialDrift – that story is still available below for your reference.

In terms of finding an alternative, we recommend Stellation Media!

Original Story

When it comes to outsourcing your engagement on Instagram, there are typically only two or three ways to do so.

Firstly, you could invest in an organic growth company where you team up with a case manager to help you do so.

Secondly, you could invest in a bot. There’s been a bit of controversy around bots lately, as some of them don’t add up and claim things they aren’t. Let’s take a look at one of these and see whether it’s worth using for your Instagram engagement or not.

What is SocialDrift?

SocialDrift is a typical Instagram bot. Similarly to Viral Upgrade (now shutdown), they call their bot “smart boost”.

It performs all the basic functions that you will find with any other bot – automatically scheduling follows, likes, comments, etc. It claims to do all these things on your behalf while growing your account organically – another declaration that a lot of bots are attempting to adhere to, these days.

Social Drift says that it is affiliated with specific big brands like McDonald’s and Forbes, but the authenticity of this immediately raises red flags.

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Let’s take a look at SocialDrift and see whether it’s worth using as an Instagram bot.

A Review of Social Drift

Let’s begin with looking at the positives first

  • Secure Site: SocialDrift’s site has been determined safe and secure to use, which is a good start. You don’t want to be associated with a bot that doesn’t have a reliable site.
  • Prices Visible: this bot displays its prices openly and with transparency, meaning that you won’t get stung in the future with hidden costs.
  • FAQ page: Social Drift has an FAQ and help page available on its website. This is a must for an Instagram bot because you want to be able to communicate with them when something goes wrong. You don’t like this aspect to be too complicated.
  • Email Form Present: a form for your email and phone number is present on the website – another good indication.
  • Verified Payment: their payment process is validated and authenticated, making it a secure website to make payments on.

Now, for the negatives

  • 24/7 Support: SocialDrift does not provide 24/7 support for their services. This is undoubtedly a red flag – if they’re making themselves hard to reach, then you might run into trouble using their services at some point.
  • Reviews: there are no real onsite reviews of SocialDrift or any other the services they offer. The testimonials given are so over-the-top that they obviously wrote them. This means that you have to search for reviews of SocialDrift separately, costing you extra time.

Is SocialDrift a Scam? Is SocialDrift Safe?

Despite there being a few functional aspects to this bot, it’s not safe enough to be used in association with your Instagram account.

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One huge red flag with Social Drift is that they have false affiliations with big name brands like McDonald’s and Forbes on their website. This is frankly laughable.  UPDATE: They have now removed the McDonalds logo from their website after McDonald’s ordered them to. Here is a cached version of the website for your reference.

This means they are openly lying about the companies they are partnered with, and attempting to gain popularity on the back of big name brands that they are not in any way associated with.

If they can’t be honest about this aspect, they’re not likely to be too honest about anything else.

What else are they lying about? Who knows.

This poster on Reddit isn’t happy. Also, be sure to check their Facebook community page for a shocking example of their customer support. It’s likely they will delete their page soon, so here is a screenshot of one post:

Social Drift Community Page

Best to avoid this bot.

Social Drift Alternatives & How it Compares

SocialDrift doesn’t make our list of top IG bots.

GrowthoidGrowth Agency Check Price
GrowthsiloGrowth Service Check Price
MoreLikesLikes Check Price
NitreoInstagram Bot Check Price
Stellation MediaDashboard Check Price

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  1. This was a terrible investment. Barely works. You can get the same results cross posting and diligently hashtagging. The response of the help team chat is terrible, and they LITERALLY block you from it once you have cancelled. I sent one last message verifying that they didnt continue to charge me after I cancelled and my message never went through. Don’t do it. Not worth it.

  2. It’s run by Indian two kids under the age of twenty and their customer service box is full of people who want to cancel and are threatening to report them to the BBB.

    – They are not recommended by Instagram
    – It’s not run by AI
    – You may notice suspicious activity on your IG account once you sign up
    – They have very rude customer service

  3. SocialDrift is a scam. There is no information on the founder or the “David” guy. I can’t seem to find anything about SocialDrift’s business other than their website. Anyone can write an article on Forbes as long as they have high quality posts. It doesn’t mean the website Forbes endorses them.

    McDonalds does not use them (go ahead and ask them via Instagram and Facebook)

    It’s difficult to get support and they charged me three times within a week! The service kept malfunctioning and making me verify my information even though I was on the suggested settings. I am just so done with this website and it’s scams. Where is their business information? Who founded this company? Who the heck is this “David”? Sounds like a catfish.

  4. SOCIAL DRIFT IS A TOTAL SCAM. They supposedly get who you follow and your hashtags and then target your audience. That is a total LIE!!!! What they do is use your account to like new comers or other IG users who have nothing to do with your IG account. In the first 4 days they followed over 350 people. I went to look to see who I was now following. NONE of the people were at all related to my site. It was people in other countries. People who are just starting and are paying them for followers. The number of my followers actually went down for the 4 days I used them. They are DISHONEST. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. IT IS A SCAM. If anyone knows how to report them for false advertising, let me know.

  5. I was astonished to see that they are affiliated to McDonald and Forbes, but then I later discovered it wasn’t true. The reviews on their site are fake. Anyone getting this bot is doing so at a large risk.

  6. I appreciate the information you are able to provide on these services. A company that lies about the services they have provided is no good company to work with. It’s shameful to say you’re affiliated to big brands when there is no substantial proof to back up such. Again, another issue with support, I’m never one to engage with a company that doesn’t assure me of sales support. Best we do avoid this bot.

  7. This company is THE WORST. The first 4 days I had it they added 3-400 people
    to who I was following. I got the same amount of likes as I did usually. They lie when they say they are targeting your audience. I went through and found the new people I was following. They had nothing to do with my topic, demographic or interests. There were creepy guys, people who were about other subjects than what I had asked for. I wrote to them and told them I was angry. They responded that the people chosen were deliberately targeted. This company lies. It is a sham. I was so angry.

  8. Social Drift is a complete scam. They say you’ll get 3000 actions (they’ll like, follow, and unfollow on your behalf) per day, then in reality they only give you less than 100 actions per day. And if you complain, they cancel you early and refuse to give you your money back.

  9. Avoid! Avoid!! Avoid!!! After deciding to try their service, though I sensed it couldn’t be real. I actually discovered its fake. I almost lost my account due to this bot. It’s a total scam.

  10. Social Drift steals people’s photos for their employee photos. You guys know David? Their “supposed” CEO? He’s FAKE.

    They stole a man’s photo named Hudson Gaines-Ross:

    He is not related to this business at all. SocialDrift stole his photo and the Indian kids pretend they are him and his name is “David”.

    The other dude used a photo from a taiwan site of some guy accepting an award. Reverse image aearch easily proved they stole the photos and upon contacting the real people they were confused and upset their identities were stolen.


    If you are using Social Drift CHANGE YOUR CARD because they DO in fact store your payment info

  11. **UPDATE** They changed David’s photos again. They never have the same identity. Every week it changes. Hahaha they got CAUGHT.

    This site is a SCAM and they will threaten legal action with a fake lawyer. Do not sign up.


    The service barely worked. I just got loads of spam. Their customer service is really rude and they wouldn’t let me cancel!!!!

  13. The real owners are Sebastian Dobrincu and Deep Patel. They don’t want their names affiliated with their own business because it’s a scam. They use fake photos and names as one of the comments said before. They are 19 year old indian kids with a temper (check SocialDrift’s facebook community and how they treated a customer).

    They threaten fake legal action on any website with a negative review:

    They remove any negative post on Reddit or other websites claiming the person rating them poorly is a competitor. DONT FALL FOR THIS SCAM

  14. I’ve tried Social Drift before and had a really bad experience. Was really angry they stole my money with no results I wanted to see if anyone else had a similar experience & found this blog! Wow, these guys need to be exposed, because they are stealing a lot of peoples money. Stay away!

  15. They removed the McDonalds logo as a result of a complaint from McDonalds since they aren’t affiliated with them. I would know because I reported them.

    Social Drift is a scam and now other businesses know including McDonalds.

  16. It appears that since SocialDrift had so many complaints they made a new business name as a new cover “Viral Upgrade”. Good call to the above poster for posting that! This is for sure the same. They have all the same wording and formatting.

    Dont trust Viral Upgrade either, same owners with a new business name since they were caught.

  17. Socialdrift does NOT still have the mcdonalds logo on their website. Its simply a click away, look.

    In addition, forbes has tons of bloggers and this one was likely paid for SEO posts. Forbes also has another article saying automation isnt good for your account. Just because its posted doesnt mean its “Forbes” saying it.

    Here is a forbes article saying Instagram Automation is no way within the terms and what happened to someone when using a service:

    It sounds like an employee is posting here to try and clear their name. If you visit you can clearly see they have replaced McDonalds with the business “RED” . There is no way to verify these businesses even use SD. They lied about McDonalds, how can we trust them? There are a ton of reviews across multiple sites saying this is a scam. I was also scammed out of my money and had to cancel my card.

    Stay away from Social Drift. They try to cover their tracks but customer reviews are stronger than their bs.


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