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This page was originally a review of Social10x. Unfortunately, Social10x is no longer operating (they shut down).

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Original Social10x Review

Running a business is exceedingly time-consuming one can experience, especially when you’re just getting started. From the start, it takes time and effort to plan, develop, set up, build, and market and advertise your business.

Social media is supposed to be the easiest and best way to boost brand recognition, but with the most recent algorithm enhancements on platforms like Instagram, it’s become challenging. It requires some expertise in creating quality content that will attract the right audience that will desire to interact with you. When you target the right audience, you are building relationships with people who are potential customers.

The good news is that you can save yourself the stressful and overwhelming task of engaging on social media by buying quality followers and likes. The bad news is that you must precautions not to choose a disreputable company that sells these services.

Social10x is one of the most trusted and highly-rated social media services available online today.  The following will explain why it’s so trusted and highly rated.

What does Social10x Do?

Explaining what Social10x does is simple. They deliver followers and engagement across several major social media channels including, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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Depending on which platform you want to boost, this service delivers the appropriate engagement.

For instance, Instagram followers and auto likes and for Twitter followers and retweets/likes. Their YouTube services deliver views, subscribers, shares, and likes/dislikes. Pinterest engagement includes followers, repins, and likes. Facebook tasks include followers, comments, and likes.

So, you see it’s about which social media network and their configuration.

The Instagram features are what we will focus on for this review.

Instagram Followers

When you choose to buy Instagram followers from the header drop-down menu, you will be directed to their plans for services.

Each of these services provides 24/7 customer support, high-quality followers, and fast delivery within one to two days.

Their plans revolve around how many followers you want to buy.

  • 500 for $6
  • 1,000 for $9
  • 2,500 for $19
  • 5,000 for $29

Instagram Automatic Likes

The other Instagram growth service offered by Social10x is automatic likes.

Each automatic liking plan comes with 24/7 customer support, active and high-quality users, delivery upon each new upload to Instagram, and the ability to cancel anytime.

These plans relate to how many likes you want per week.

  • 100 for $14 per week
  • 250 for $23 per week
  • 500 for $34 per week
  • 1,000 for $59 per week

*Please note that prices are current and are possibly subject to change.

Is Social10x a Scam? Is Social10x Safe?

It’s not a scam.

What makes Social10x so highly regarded?

  • The clear and concise language of their plans and pricing is one of the reasons Social10x is so widely respected.
  • The fact that they deliver on what they promise is good customer relations and creates credibility for the website and its services.
  • Such a website and service should pass all the elements of a reliable and reputable company.
  • Social10x is transparent about its company, plans, and services. The website is Https secure and they take care to provide verified payment gateways that protect your payment information.
  • You can easily contact them via a contact form on their “Contact Us” page.
  • Social10x’s website provides FAQs on each page of the site relevant to the pages.
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Social10x Alternatives & How it Compares

1UseViral Visit
2Seek Visit
3Growthoid Visit

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Final Thoughts

Social10x has a good reputation across a variety of review sites such as TrustAdvisor and Trustpilot.

This service has also made several of the “best Instagram services” lists on sites like Medium.