At the end of the day, we don't think that Social Shark is safe to use. While they've got a couple of features on their website that is essential, they've missed out on too many for us to be even slightly impressed with them.
Apart from the fact that they have put zero effort into making sure their website is up to scratch, they are also doing a very bad job at trying to pretend they aren’t selling fake engagement, which they are.
This is because they have breached some basic safety measures, including insisting that you give up your password before you do anything else, including finding out how much they are going to charge you.
Liked Lab is not safe to use. While they have a great website and good testimonials, sadly they are claiming to be something they aren't.
Blocking someone is easy on Instagram. All it takes is tapping a button, and it is done.
While they state that their service is a marketing strategy, it doesn’t take too much detective work for us to realize that this is just another Instagram marketing company that uses bot software to implement their services.

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