They have proved themselves to be an upstanding, honest marketing company that prioritizes the customers and wants their website to be all about security.
We can confidently say that Social Empire isn't safe to use. While they did put some initial effort into their website with things like the https secure site feature, they lack in many other areas.
Social media is the most popular mediums that brands are using today (and possibly, even in the future) to connect with their target audience and improve their online presence. When we say improving a brand’s online presence, hashtags have always been synonymous. There must be a data-driven analysis done and not just swinging for the fences.
We don’t think that Real IG Followers is safe to use. Based on our review, we can determine that they haven’t put enough effort into their website to be considered a trustworthy company that you should be putting your trust in.
If that's not enough - then another thing to mention is that InstaBoostGram is in violation of two copyrights in connection with Instagram. Because they use both phrases, they are currently in violation of both and could be issued lawsuits against them.
We don't believe that Followers Guru is safe to use. While they may have some credentials that increase their credibility with us, they didn't have them all.

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