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Social Growth Reviews 2023

Outsourcing your engagement on Instagram is a great way to distribute the tasks involved in running a successful brand.

It enables you to focus on other aspects while knowing that your online marketing and promotion through social media is taken care of.

There are many companies currently out there that can achieve a successful growth rate through automating your engagement for you. However, not all of these companies follow through on what they promise.

Let’s take a look at one and see if it’s the kind of company you can trust.

What is Social Growth?

SocialGrowth is an automated service that grows your Instagram account using typical botting techniques. They offer a free trial so you can test out their services before you commit to anything.

Using their dashboard, you can customize your campaign and keep track of critical analytical data
that tells you how the engagement is helping your brand. They claim to use high-level security systems through Amazon Web Servers to make sure the growth is continuously happening. Because it’s a software that operates on the internet, there’s no need to download anything.

Let’s review Social Growth and see whether you should use it or not.

A Review of Social Growth

First, we’ll begin by looking at the positives

  • Visible Prices: Social Growth’s prices are in plain view for you to see, so there’s nothing
    hidden anywhere in the terms and conditions that means you’re going to get stung later on.
    This is good as knowing what you’re paying before you commit them appear more
  • FAQ and Help Page: they have an FAQ and help page present where you can read the most
    common questions that past customers have asked, along with available assistance should
    you need it.
  • Verified Payment: their payment gateways are verified, which gives you an extra layer of
    security around personal information that you may share on their site like credit card
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Now, we will consider the negatives

  • Secure Site: unfortunately, Social Growth doesn’t pass the first test of security. While their payment gateways are verified, they don’t have a stable https site, so could still be risky relinquishing any personal information.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: they do have a support page that can help you to a certain extent. However, they don’t have 24/7 support which means that if your issue occurs outside of their regular business hours, they won’t be available to help you.
  • Email and Phone Form: an email and phone form is essential to remaining accountable to the customer and should be present upon signing up for a service. Social Growth does not have this.
  • Real Reviews: sadly, the reviews that appear on SocialGrowth’s website are genuine. This
    means you have to go the extra mile to scour the internet for any previous opinions about
    their software.

Is Social Growth a Scam? Is Social Growth  Safe?

In summary, Social Growth is not safe.

One user describes how he was conned into giving his credit card information through the guise of being able to try it out for free and has now been charged for a month’s worth of engagement despite not signing up to this. Apart from, nowhere else could we find real reviews of the actual service, which is a strong indication that the company is new.

Their website layout is very typical of an Instagram bot company and could potentially be plagiarized.

All in all, this growth software is merely a generic automatic liker without any unique features. It’s disingenuous and therefore highly recommended that you avoid it and opt for something else.

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