2021 Update: Are Instagram bots dead? They are not! There are just a lot fewer services to choose from now. So it’s more important than ever to pick a service that keeps your account safe.

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This page was originally a review of Social Envy. Unfortunately, along with Relaxed Social, they have decided not to take any more clients. As such, we now recommend Follow Adder for your Instagram Growth.

The best alternative is to now take a two pronged approach by using Follow Adder, alongside LikeSocial.

Follow Adder & LikeSocial as a combination is an explosive method to market your Instagram brand and it’s absolutely worth investing in both.

Full List of Social Envy Alternatives

GrowthoidGrowth Agency Check Price
GrowthsiloGrowth Service Check Price
MoreLikesLikes Check Price
NitreoInstagram Bot Check Price
Stellation MediaDashboard Check Price

Original Review

Marketing, like everything else, goes through a process of evolution. Before social media marketing, there was banner ads. That was proceeded by email marketing,  telemarketing and so on until you get a kid shouting from a box in the middle of a square.

Growth marketing isn’t nearly as old, but the frontier in social media is a new and currently developing endeavor. Once people realized how to market on social platforms the race began and with tons of support Instagram is closing in on the head of the pack.

Simply creating engaging content and relying on shares isn’t enough anymore. Today’s marketers need to craft a brand strategy, target specific demographics and do it all in a way that doesn’t feel like it’s all part of a master plan.

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The goal is authenticity and in marketing that’s incredibly difficult to imitate let alone genuinely manufacture.

For your average Instagram user, none of this matters, but you aren’t the average user. You leverage social media to influence the market (or at least intend to). Your brand (be it a business or personal image) is reliant on your product and following.

The question is “how do you grow that following?” You pretty much have two options:

  1. Roll the dice, create content and pray it catches some influencers fancy
  2. Work outside the normal system and make it happen

If you already know influencers option 1 is for you. Leverage your relationships and kill it out there. If you’re like most of us not so famous people and don’t want to wait years to maybe get noticed, you may want to consider the latter.

Organic Growth Services

If making content isn’t an issue for you all that’s left is to make sure that content gets seen. This can be difficult for people that aren’t marketing savvy. Luckily any opportunity for a market to open usually results in it’s creation, so there are people that can help.

If you’re looking to offload the networking portion of social media or “work outside the system” there are services like Social Envy that offer exactly those services. They specialize in what is referred to as organic growth hacking.

Really that’s just a fancy way to say they research how exactly to grow your following through intelligent usage of Instagram’s social capabilities. They do all the liking, following etc. for a price.

What we think of Social Envy

Without boring you with the nuts and bolts, I think their service is top notch. They begin by discussing with you what your goals are and what your niche is. They use all this information to precisely target the people you need to reach.

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Location, gender and appropriate hashtags are the basic for their team. They’ll take note of your competitors and target their followers as well.

If you’re curious about whether their services put your account at risk be at ease. What gets accounts banned is what’s referred to as irregular behavior. Through proxies and not acting in a suspicious way they’ve kept a 100% clean record with their clients.

Your followers will be real, your growth organic and your account will remain unbanned. Honestly, the only downside is the lack of false instant gratification given by pay for following services.


Social Envy’s services come in 4 classes:

  1. Freedom – Cost $33 per week, but can be canceled at any time.
  2. Standard – Cost $30 per week on a 3 week term minimum.
  3. Executive – Cost $20 per week on a 10 week term minimum.
  4. Premium – Cost $27 per week on a 5 week term minimum.

All accounts provide the same level of quality service.

Last words

If you’re interested in growing your following but aren’t the most knowledgeable, let experts handle it. The extra time can go to improving your business or thinking of new and amazing content for your account.

I’d absolutely recommend the team at Social Envy to help you reach your goals.

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