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SocialEmpire Reviews 2024

We all have the ability to get online and market ourselves, whether we’ve got a brand with a service or a product.

That’s the beauty of being online these days – you’ve got a much bigger audience to potentially become your clients.

Engagement on social media platforms like Instagram isn’t always smooth sailing, however. A lot of the time it takes hard work and dedication.

However, there are ways to outsource it. Let’s review a company who you can outsource your online engagement to.

What is SocialEmpire?


SocialEmpire is a third-party marketing business that claims to be a nice blend of marketing tactics that work to make your online account better and more successful.

While they may claim to be a sophisticated marketing website where you can improve your Instagram game, there’s also a big chance that they are in the business of selling fake engagement.

This is much worse than if they were just using a bot because selling fake engagement is detrimental to your account and will only gain you a negative reputation.

Let’s give them a review and see how they do.

A Review of SocialEmpire

We’re Going to Begin with The Positives:

Secure Site

We love it when we come across websites like Social Empire that have considered the first step when it comes to security.

Having a secure https site means that not only will they have a good chance of ranking well in Google, but they will also be able to keep your information safe when you share it on their site.

Visible Prices


While this feature is typically one that almost all of these companies include, we’re not so sure about it on Social Empire. They have bothered to have a separate page for their services that you can see – however, the price of everything isn’t initially apparent.

This is because they use the term ‘from’ implying that the price visible is the minimum amount. We would prefer it if they showed all their rates, not just some of them.

FAQ and Help Page

Social Empire has included an FAQ page so that you can find out as much as possible about them and how they work before you commit to anything.

Now, Let’s Go Over the Negatives:

24/7 Customer Support

While they have put a reasonable amount of effort into their FAQ and help page, what’s clearly missing is 24/7 customer support.

A lot of these companies either don’t have the budget or simply can’t be bothered hiring a customer support team, which in the end only lets them down.

Email and Phone Form

As is typical with a lot of these sites, their aim is to get you committed without having to commit to too much themselves.

Social Empire has achieved this by leaving out the phone and email form – this way, they don’t have to remain accountable to you after you sign up for their services.

Real Reviews

Social Empire does have reviews on their website. All you have to do to see them is scroll all the way down to the bottom of the homepage.

However, there is an issue with them – we don’t think they’re real. They’re not associated with any genuine Instagram pages and the names used are pretty generic.

Verified Payment System

Another level of security that a lot of these businesses struggle with is authenticating their payment systems. This means that you should not, for any reason, share personal information like your credit card details.

SocialEmpire User Reviews

Here are some reviews we found for SocialEmpire on Trustpilot. There is also a user reviews section at the end of this article for you to check out.


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Is SocialEmpire a Scam? Is SocialEmpire Safe?

We can confidently say that SocialEmpire isn’t safe to use.

While they did put some initial effort into their website with things like the https secure site feature, they lack in many other areas. In fact, they lack in enough areas for us to say that you shouldn’t trust them.

We recommend avoiding a company like SocialEmpire.

Review Summary

Social Empire Review

We can confidently say that Social Empire isn't safe to use. While they did put some initial effort into their website with things like the https secure site feature, they lack in many other areas.

Price: Various

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: All

Application Category: Social Media

Editor's Rating:

User Reviews

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