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Social Climb Reviews 2024

We believe that in this day and age, you’ve got a good chance of doing well on Instagram. You may feel overwhelmed by how many people are on there and trying to do the same thing, but this doesn’t mean you can’t find a niche to explore. As you know, though, if your engagement game isn’t good enough, you’re not going to be able to get very far.

This is why many people nowadays outsource their engagement. This is their best chance of being able to focus on other parts of the brand that is just as important. However, it’s important that you don’t just sign up to the first company that comes along. Let’s give one a review and decide whether you should trust them or not.

What is Social Climb?

Social Climb claims that they can provide you with “powerful Instagram growth.”

This is definitely a bold claim to make and gives us the impression that they’re a well-established company that has a long list of people who are happy with their services. On the other hand, they could just be a generic bot business that is trying to make a bit of money before disappearing completely.

Either way, let’s give them a review and decide whether they’re the type of company you should trust with your engagement or not.

A Review of Social Climb

We’ll begin with the positives:

  • Secure Site: a little while ago, we struggled to find companies who bothered to pay for this security measure on their site. It just wasn’t worth it back then – but now it is. This is because Google ranks websites that have secured their https, so if you don’t have this, you won’t rank on Google and other popular search engines, which essentially means nobody will be able to find you.
  • Visible Pricing: we’re impressed to see that not only has Social Climb featured their price points, but they’ve also displayed them on another webpage and made it really easy for you to figure out what they offer and how much it is. We do think, however, that they are a little bit on the expensive side, especially if they’re just another bot.
  • FAQ and Help Page: they don’t technically have an FAQ page, but they do have a couple of questions that they call “popular questions,” positioned just below their price points. These are pretty basic questions and aren’t going to help you too much, but they’ll definitely point you in the right direction and leave you a little less lost than when you first click through to their website.

Now, let’s talk about the negatives:

  • 24/7 Customer Help: not many of these companies can invest the type of money needed to keep a customer service team running around the clock. While this isn’t the end of the world, it does mean that you’re going to struggle to talk to anyone if you run into technical issues, which of course can be incredibly frustrating.
  • Email and Phone Form: this is perhaps one of the most critical levels of accountability for a company like this have. Without it, they have no way to safely store your information on their website and reaching out to you again when they have changes and updates. It indicates to us that they’re not dedicated to building long term relationships with their clients.
  • Real Reviews: it’s pretty clear from where we’re standing that Social Climb does not have genuine reviews on their website. They’ve made a pretty good attempt at the ones that are there, though, but we can’t be convinced that they’re authentic. They’re even associated with Instagram accounts. However, there’s a good chance that these accounts aren’t authentic, either.
  • Verified Payment System: a lot of the time, companies like Social Climb just want to be around for a short time, not on a long-term basis. For this reason, they’ll skip investing in a verified payment system and opt instead for PayPal transactions.

Is Social Climb a Scam? Is Social Climb Safe?

All in all, we don’t believe that Social Climb is safe to use.

They haven’t made even close to enough of an effort with their website, and they are clearly attempting to make themselves look a lot better than they actually are.

What’s more, they’ve got all the signs of just being another Instagram bot, which you’re going to want to stay away from. Better to find a reputable growth service to work with, Instead.

Social Climb Alternatives & How it Compares

We don’t recommend Social Climb.

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