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Social Cheetah Reviews 2023

The internet is full of surprises, especially because almost every business has a website on there these days.

In fact, most companies are also making the most of social media as well and adding a business Instagram page to their portfolio of exposure. While you may be tempted to do this for your brand as well, there are a couple of things to consider first.

One is whether you have the time to do the engagement that’s required. A lot of companies can do this for you. Let’s take a look at one of them.

What is Social Cheetah?

Social Cheetah considers themselves to be a serious Instagram engagement company, and even claim to be the type of engagement that’s not going to get banned by Instagram.

Unfortunately, a lot of these types of companies are nothing more than an automated bot that is going to make your engagement look incredibly spammy.

We’re not too sure at this point whether Social Cheetah falls into this category, but we’ll soon find out. They even allege that they can help you feature on the explore page. Let’s give them a review.

A Review of Social Cheetah

We’ll kick this off with the positives:

  • Secure Site: we’re surprised to announce that Social Cheetah does have a secure https site. While this is one of the most fundamental features to have if you own a website, it’s incredible how many companies don’t bother to get it. It means that you will rank a lot better in Google and you can store your clients’ information safely on your site without it being hacked.
  • Visible Pricing: Social Cheetah does have their prices on display – but there is one thing we don’t like about it. They have them featured at the bottom of their homepage, which is what we would consider lazy. If you’re going to offer your price points to potential clients, then they need to be on a separate web page so that they know you mean business.
  • FAQ and help page: this is another feature that we’re impressed to see from Social Cheetah – but it’s got the same problem as their prices. In fact, their FAQs are displayed below their pricing on their homepage, which again screams one word at us – lazy. If they put more effort into their website, we would be more inclined to believe that they are in this for the long haul.
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Now, let’s end this with the negatives:

  • 24/7 Support: the help that Social Cheetah is prepared to offer their clients begins and ends with their FAQ section on the homepage. They haven’t bothered to employ a customer help team that can assist you at any time of the day or night. This is definitely a strike against them and doesn’t make them appear to be all that accountable.
  • Real Reviews: they’ve made a somewhat sad attempt to feature reviews on their site – again on the homepage. However, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that these reviews aren’t real at all. They’ve only got names associated with them, no pictures. This means they could have made the name and quote up.
  • Email and Phone Form: it’s becoming clear that Social Cheetah is in the business of Instagram engagement for a good time, not a long time. For this reason, they’ve decided to leave out some pretty essential levels of accountability, like making their customers fill out a phone and email form when they sign up so that they can be in touch with any updates or news.
  • Authenticated Payment Gateway: again, Social Cheetah doesn’t plan on being around for very long. Why? Because they just want to get your money and run and make it as easy to do this as possible. This is why they’ve set up their payment system without being secured, which means that your personal information can easily be hacked.

Is Socialcheetah a Scam? Is Socialcheetah Safe?

We don’t believe that Social Cheetah is safe to use.

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While they have worked to include some features on their website, they’ve only skimmed the surface when it comes to running a successful business. To do this, they need many more security and accountability measures that are not only going to keep them in business, but also satisfy the customer, too.

Not to mention that they’re most likely just an automated bot, which isn’t worth the hassle.

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