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Social Bloom Has Been Shutdown 2023

That’s the bad news.

The good news is, there are better alternatives on the market available to you anyway:

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Original article:
With the ability to put your business online these days, social media platforms like Instagram are bankable and can set you apart from the rest when it comes to building a successful brand.

Sometimes to keep up with everything when it comes to owning a business, you have to outsource things like marketing and engagement. Enter growth companies, the Instagram bot & associated services.

While using a bot can have its benefits, there are a lot of low-quality versions out there that you should avoid at all costs. Let’s review one of them.

What is Social Bloom?

Social Bloom is your typical Instagram bot.

It says that its service automatically likes, follows and comments other Instagram users based on the targeting criteria that you set. They perform tasks on your behalf such as targeting the followers of your influencers, using locations to find specific demographics and tracking what hashtags other people are using.

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They claim that the more you interact with people on Instagram who share your interests, the more likely they will return the favor and interact with your content. Let’s give it a review and see if it’s worth trying on your Instagram.

A Review of Social Bloom

First, let’s start with the positives

  • Secure Site: Social Bloom has a secure https site, which means you are safe to explore it without compromising the security of your computer.
  • Visible Prices: their prices are clear for you to see without any hidden costs. This is good because it means what you see is what you get, and you know before you’ve signed up what you’re going to be paying for it.
  • FAQ and Help Page: they have an extensive FAQ page that allows you to see what people have wanted to know most about what they offer.
  • 24/7 Support: they provide 24/7 support where you can contact them out of hours if anything goes wrong when using their services. But there’s been mixed reviews on this.
  • Email Form: Social Bloom has an email form present when you go through the sign-up process. This is another reliable form of accountability on their end.
  • Real Reviews: the reviews on their site appear to be real – but they have some shocking ones elsewhere on the internet.
  • Verified Payment: You don’t have to worry about the security of your credit card when paying because all their payment gateways are authentic and verified.

Now, the negatives

  • Price: Social Bloom is incredibly expensive for what it offers. Their base features, which you can get with most other regular Instagram bots, are over $40 a week, which is a lot to pay for the bare minimum.
  • Bannings: People have complained of being banned by Instagram whilst using this service.
  • Not much info: A request for info on Reddit was met with silence.
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Is Social Bloom a Scam? Is Social Bloom Safe?

Despite Social Bloom appearing to be the kind of service you would want to go for – especially if it’s your first time – overall, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be – just take a look at these reviews on their Facebook page – UPDATE – they have removed their reviews page from Facebook.

It is way too expensive for what it offers – which is essentially an Instagram bot with poor customer service. You don’t need to be spending that kind of money on your bot, especially when there are some great alternatives out there that don’t cost the earth.

Additionally, their website appears to have plagiarized certain elements from other similar sites, which doesn’t bode well for them as a company when it comes to legality. Better to avoid this service/bot as it will probably end up going under eventually.

Social Bloom Alternatives & How it Compares

1UseViral Visit
2Seek Visit
3Growthoid Visit

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