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2020 Update: Are Instagram bots dead? Some seem to think so - however we say differently. There are just a lot less services to choose from now.

Ingramer is a botting service and Hashtags For Likes is a compliant growth tool and both are still working.


If you’re not taking advantage of having an Instagram to promote your business, you should be.

With the number of people now online, it would be silly not to make the most of this incredible way to market.

Taking it to the next level with third-party help is also a great way to endorse your brand even further and reach a high level of people without the top dollar price tag.

Advertising has never been more accessible or affordable. However, not all third-party sources have the credentials to be trustworthy. Let’s review one and see if it’s worth using.

What is SNSGrowth?

SNS-Growth is a company that generates engagement for your Instagram, primarily followers.

They call themselves a customized Instagram marketing service that helps you increase your exposure on Instagram.

They claim that their engagement is organic and efficient at competitive price points.

They offer different campaigns, depending on your personal preferences, that help you target the right people for your page and increase your chance of getting people to follow you.

They believe that they’re affordable for what they offer.

Let’s give them a review.

A Review of SNSGrowth

First, we’ll run through the positives

  • Visible Prices: SNS Growth is upfront and honest about their prices. With five different packages to choose from, they give you a range of choices that lets you pick the option that’s best going to suit your account and budget.
  • FAQ and Help Page: while this part of the website is primarily FAQ’s and not help, the questions they answer are given in great detail. They are descriptive and thorough in their replies which makes them appear trustworthy. It also helps you to find out everything necessary before making an informed decision about using their services.
  • Email and Phone form: this is an important level of accountability that all companies should include if they want a large amount of credibility. Fortunately, SNS Growth has thought to include this at the end when you sign up.
  • Verified Payment: all of their payment gateways are secure and have been authenticated. This means that you can enter your credit card details without there being a risk of fraud.

Now, let’s run through the negatives

  • Secure Site: while SNSGrowth has taken measures to have a satisfactory level of security elsewhere, the website itself isn’t secure. This is somewhat counter-intuitive because while you can trust the safety of their payment system, you can’t believe the security of the site itself. This puts you in an awkward position of deciding whether to share valuable information or not.
  • 24/7 support: another area that SNS Growth is lacking in on top of the lack of help on their FAQ and help page is constant support. There’s nothing to suggest that you can get in touch with them if the matter is particularly urgent and it’s not regular business hours.
  • Real Reviews: there don’t appear to be any genuine reviews on SNS Growth’s website. You’ll have to go elsewhere and see if there are any forums where people have given their opinion.

Is SNS-Growth a Scam? Is SNS-Growth Safe?

Overall, it would appear that SNSGrowth, while affordable and thorough in some areas, isn’t a safe software to use.

There is a chance of risk if you choose to use them with your Instagram account.

They have also been known to use fake followers and have even gone as far as to falsify the reviews they provide.

Of course, this is a breach of trust between SNS-Growth and the client, which doesn’t stand them in good stead of being a reliable business.

Additionally, the website menu is not mobile friendly, and all their prices are one-time payments which are another indication that the followers they find on your page are going to be fake.

Best to avoid this one and go searching for better options.

SNS Growth Alternatives & How it Compares

IngramerGrowth Tools5/5 Check Price
Stellation MediaGrowth Dashboard 5/5 Check Price
Hashtags For LikesManual Service5/5 Check Price
SocialViralInstant Followers4.5/5 Check Price

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  1. Purchased 8K followers and after 10 days only 500 added. No real explanation and they wont refund my money.

    Do Not Buy from them!

  2. I bought 2100 followers and lost them all. Paid 20 dollars and got scammed. Waste of money, HORRIBLE costumer service. They do not help. Do NOT use this site. Posting my review everywhere.

  3. I found Sns-growth on Google and I almost signed up for this but decided to do some more research. Now I’ve changed my mind. It doesn’t seem safe to use and I wouldn’t want to risk compromising my Instagram account and credit card just to use some Instagram bot to buy fake followers.


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