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#1 Top Rated
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If you’re not taking advantage of having an Instagram to promote your business, you should be.

With the number of people now online, it would be silly not to make the most of this incredible way to market.

SNS Growth Reviews 2024

In fact, you might be surprised to learn that the level of competition on Instagram these days is hard to describe. There are just so many people out there attempting to do the same thing as you that it’s hard to stand out.

This is where a third-party company comes in. There aren’t too many people playing the Instagram game who can safely and confidently grow their content themselves. Almost nobody has the time to do this.

Taking it to the next level with third-party help is also a great way to endorse your brand even further and reach a high level of people without the top-dollar price tag.

Advertising has never been more accessible or affordable. However, not all third-party sources have the credentials to be trustworthy.

Some are legit, while some are nothing more than a scam. Let’s review SNS Growth (also known as SNS Followers) and see if it’s worth using.

What’s the Big Deal with Instagram Followers?

SNS Growth Followers

So, what’s the big deal with Instagram followers, then? Well, they prop your Instagram profile up, and make sure that you get the interactions that you need.

Think about it – you’re looking at two Instagram profiles and one has 100 Instagram followers, while the other has 10K. Which are you more likely to follow?

We are willing to wager that you’re going to go for the one that has more followers. This instantly gives them more credibility and authority, and you are going to think that their content is higher quality as well.

Therefore, the more Instagram followers you have, the more people you are going to attract because they’re going to see your profile as holding a lot of authority in your industry and niche.

What is SNS Growth?

SNS Growth is a company that sells Instagram followers and generates engagement for your Instagram, primarily followers.

They call themselves a customized Instagram marketing service that helps you increase your exposure on Instagram.

This is a pretty churched-up statement, as they seem to have bold claims about their features that might not be true.

They claim that their engagement is organic and efficient at competitive price points. It’s hard for us to see at this angle how they’re organic like they claim to be.

There aren’t that many brands out there like this that can actually promise their clients organic engagement, so if this is the case, they’re a rarity.

SNS Growth offer different campaigns, depending on your personal preferences, that help you target the right people for your page and increase your chance of getting people to follow you.

They think that based on this tactic, they can find the best people for your content so that none of your time or money is wasted.

They believe that they’re affordable for what they offer. We do think that their prices are pretty affordable, but they’re definitely not the best in the industry.

SNS Growth is a growth service for Instagram. They say that you can purchase different packages based on what your needs are, from views and likes to followers.

With each of their orders, they say that they can help you with instant delivery, a one-time payment so that you don’t have to repeat payments, and the promise of not needing your password to send you your engagement.

They also offer their clients email support, and they also claim to answer all queries within 24 hours.

They don’t have an About Page, which is definitely concerning – it means that we can’t learn more about their team, or about their expertise.

In fact, we are inclined to believe that they’re a bit on the cheap side, which usually indicates that they aren’t legit.

SNS Growth have some cheap pricing, but then they also have some expensive prices as well, so the whole thing is a bit confusing.

Let’s give them a review.

Getting Started with SNS Growth

To get started with SNS Growth, you will need to visit their website through your web browser, and select the package and features that you prefer.

Once you have done this, you can select ‘buy now’. Enter your username for Instagram, and go to the checkout and provide some basic information – but not your password.

Finally, they will ask you to make your payment through credit card or PayPal, and as we have mentioned, they say that they can fulfil your order straight away.


SNS Growth Pricing

SNS Growth has a number of different packages for you to choose from, and it all comes down to the engagement that you need.

If you want followers for Instagram, 600 are going to cost you $13.69, and this goes all the way up to 10K which will set you back $152.99.

If you are looking for Instagram likes, they are going to cost you $7.99 for 500, and $137.17 for 20K. They also claim to offer story views, automatic views, and likes.

Top SNS Growth Alternatives

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Pros and Cons

  • Immediate delivery
  • Fake profiles
  • No positive reviews
  • No ‘About Page’
  • No trial for free
  • No around the clock support

Fake Followers

One of the biggest reasons why we wouldn’t recommend SNS Growth is because they are providing their clients with fake followers.

This means that you aren’t going to get real people looking at your content, and you won’t be able to receive the kind of interaction that you need to continue to be successful.

What’s concerning to us is that there is no explanation on their website about how they obtain their ‘real’ followers, so there is a really good chance that none of their engagement is legitimate.

Companies that are authentic and real will have no issues relinquishing this type of information, because they will be able to be honest and transparent about the entire process.

We don’t like that they make all these promises on their website that they don’t seem to be able to keep.

Lack of Reviews

SNS Growth Followers

Another reason that we don’t like SNS Growth for your Instagram growth is because they aren’t able to provide any legitimate reviews to help you feel confident about what you’re offering.

This is why we always recommend that you check out any online reviews for companies like this, which you will be able to find through Trustpilot.

This gives you a much better idea of where they stand in terms of legitimacy.

All of the reviews that they have on their website are definitely fake, which is worrying because of course if they were legit they would be able to provide this kind of information easily.

A Review of SNS Growth

First, We’ll Run Through the Positives

Visible Prices

SNS Growth is upfront and honest about its prices. With five different packages to choose from, they give you a range of choices that lets you pick the option that’s best going to suit your account and budget.

Again, just like we mentioned about, they have some cheap prices to choose from, and then some expensive ones.

They don’t seem to have anything that falls into the middle, so you either have to have a lot in your budget, or almost nothing at all. We don’t think that they necessarily reflect the value of their features.

FAQ and Help Page

While this part of the website is primarily FAQs and not help, the questions they answer are given in great detail.

They are descriptive and thorough in their replies which makes them appear trustworthy. It also helps you to find out everything necessary before making an informed decision about using their services.

We are also impressed with the fact that they have featured their FAQs on other parts of their website, which means that they have taken the time and effort to put a bit of work into their site.

This does imply that they’re planning on being around for a little while.

Email and Phone form:

This is an important level of accountability that all companies should include if they want a large amount of credibility.

Fortunately, SNS Growth has thought to include this at the end when you sign up.

This means that if they have any updates to inform you of, or they need to get in touch with you for another reason, they can.

You don’t want to align with a company that can’t get in touch with their clients quickly – this doesn’t imply that they’re legit.

Verified Payment

All of their payment gateways are secure and have been authenticated. This means that you can enter your credit card details without there being a risk of fraud.

We never recommend that you share your credit card details on a site that doesn’t offer this type of security. You’ve got too much to lose, otherwise.

Now, Let’s Run Through the Negatives

Secure Site

While SNS Growth has taken measures to have a satisfactory level of security elsewhere, the website itself isn’t secure.

This is somewhat counter-intuitive because while you can trust the safety of their payment system, you can’t believe the security of the site itself. This puts you in an awkward position of deciding whether to share valuable information or not.

24/7 Support

Another area that SNS Growth is lacking in on top of the lack of help on their FAQ and help page is constant support.

There’s nothing to suggest that you can get in touch with them if the matter is particularly urgent and it’s not regular business hours.

Of course, this is a basic necessity with a company like this – their clients need to be able to get in touch with them for whatever reason, whenever.

Without this, you’re going to get frustrated at times, and jaded on them.

Real Reviews

There don’t appear to be any genuine reviews on SNS Growth’s website. You’ll have to go elsewhere and see if there are any forums where people have given their opinion.

The trouble with this is that we don’t think you’ll find good reviews elsewhere. It’s not common that a company like this can’t feature positive reviews on their website, only for potential clients to find positive feedback elsewhere.

This usually implies that they aren’t that great.

Is SNS Growth a Scam? Is SNS Followers Safe?

Overall, it would appear that SNS Growth, while affordable and thorough in some areas, isn’t a safe service to use.

There is a chance of risk if you choose to use them with your Instagram account. If you’ve already got a reputation on Instagram, the last thing you want to do is compromise this.

SNS Growth has also been known to use fake followers and has even gone as far as to falsify the reviews they provide.

This is a big no-no, and definitely doesn’t make us see them in a good light. If you’re prepared to fake reviews, then you’re probably prepared to fake other things as well, like services and features.

Of course, this is a breach of trust between SNS-Growth and the client, which doesn’t stand them in good stead of being a reliable business.

In the ever-changing world of Instagram growth, you need a company that has a high level of accountability.

Additionally, the website menu is not mobile-friendly, and all their prices are one-time payments which are another indication that the followers they find on your page are going to be fake.

You need an ongoing subscription that you can adjust when you need to.

Best to avoid this one and go searching for better options.

SNS Growth Alternatives

SNS Growth is obviously not what you need for your Instagram growth, so let’s take a look at a few alternatives.



Growthsilo is a growth company for Instagram that says that everything they do is legit and organic, and based on the fact that they have a lot of positive reviews around their features, we’re inclined to believe them.

They talk on their site about how you can choose from two major packages, and from here you can talk to them about what your target audience looks like, so that they can get to work finding them for you.



Growthoid is a growth company for your Instagram account that can help you obtain influencer status without the fake engagement.

They know that you want to be able to find your target market, and find a way to grow everything efficiently without sacrificing things like your reputation.

They also say that they don’t go outside of the daily limits for Instagram, and they believe that the only way you should be growing your Instagram profile is with real engagement.

They also have a free trial that you can check out for three days, too.

Task Ant

Task Ant

Task Ant has a unique and creative way of helping you with your Instagram account. They know that aside from your engagement strategy, one of the most important aspects to it is your hashtags.

If you’re not using the best tags for your page and your content, then you’re quickly going to fall behind and not do as well.

They want to help you sort out this side of things, so that you can figure out the rest and have the most robust content strategy for your page.

They will even help you organize your tags, so that you’re not coming across as repetitive.

Review Summary

SNS Growth
SNS Growth

Overall, it would appear that SNS Growth, while affordable and thorough in some areas, isn't a safe service to use.

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