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SMM Real Reviews 2024

You’re by now familiar with the idea of engagement, and how important it is on social media.

In fact, it’s the backbone of it, which means unless you’re spending a significant amount of time every day on it, you’re going to struggle to make a name for yourself online. Fortunately, there are people and companies who can do it for you. While this is great news, it does come with a dark side.

There are companies out there who sell fake engagement, which is going to hurt your account in the long run. Let’s review a company that sells engagement and determine whether they’re worth using or not.

What is SMM Real?

SMM Real refer to themselves as a ‘customized Instagram marketing service’.

While this sounds pretty great, it isn’t enough to convince us that they are actually running a service that provides you with genuine engagement and followers. They even claim to help many different types of people build their Instagram, from artists and musicians and athletes and models.

These are some bold claims to make, which means their website needs to be able to back them up. Let’s give them a review and see if it does or not.

A Review of SMM Real

First, we’ll look at the positives:

  • FAQ and Help Page: we’re surprised that SMM Real have an FAQ and help page. While this isn’t the rarest thing, it’s also an indication that they want to be accountable with their customers before they’ve even committed to a service. So while this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re genuine, it is an essential step in the right direction that we’ve got to say we’re impressed with.

Now, let’s talked about the negatives:

  • Secure Site: we’re actually incredibly surprised to see that SMM Real doesn’t have a secure https site. It’s rare to come across a company that doesn’t have this these days – it’s inexpensive and means that you’ve got a better chance of connecting with potential customers because Google can find you better. We definitely find it strange that they haven’t bothered to include this feature as a part of their security.
  • Visible Pricing: SMM Real is another one of those companies that say you have to click on a ‘get started’ button to see anything to do with their price points. We’re not the biggest fans of this – we don’t think that you should have to commit to anything before you see how much it’s going to cost you. Without this, you have no way of knowing whether they’re going to charge you more further down the track.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: SMM Real have helped you a little bit with their FAQs, but unfortunately this is where the customer support stops. Yes, it can be quite expensive running a customer support team, especially if it has to be running 24/7 in order to pick up all customer inquiries and calls. However, it’s still an essential part of selling a service online, so without it, there’s not a lot you’re going to be able to get done.
  • Real Reviews: while a lot of these companies are cheeky enough to make up their reviews and even sometimes use first and last names to do so, SMM Real don’t appear to be this brave. We can’t see any reviews to speak of at all on their website, which either means they’re too young of a company to have collected any, or there aren’t any to collect.
  • Email and Phone Form: like visible pricing, this is another form of accountability that is important to have with the customer. Having your customers’ information on file in case anything happens to the system is essential, because it means you can let them know. Without this, you won’t be able to have a good level of accountability with your clients.
  • Verified Payment Gateway: companies like SMM Real are usually only concerned about getting as many companies signed up for their services in as short a time as possible. This means that they’re not worried about security, including the safety of their payment system. If you come across a website that doesn’t have a secure payment system, don’t give out your details.

Is SMM Real a Scam? Is SMM Real Safe?

We think it’s evident at this point that SMM Real isn’t safe to use.

While they’ve included some FAQs, they’ve missed out all the other features on our list that we consider to be pretty significant. Without these, there’s no way you can run a business and build yourself a good reputation.

What’s more, their engagement isn’t genuine – their followers are fake. You don’t want to get involved with a company like this – it isn’t going to do you or your social media any good.

SMM Real Alternatives & How it Compares

We don’t recommend SMM Real.

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