As a small business owner, you will need to keep track of your finances on a regular basis in order to know where you stand.

Since most business owners are not trained in the accounting/finance field, they may not be familiar with financial reporting. Therefore, it will be important for them to do one of two things.

That is either hiring a bookkeeping/accounting professional or using software. Whilst using a bookkeeping professional is helpful, it can also be quite costly. As a result, small businesses will benefit by using ridiculously easy to use software (such as FreshBooks). This is a unique software package that allows business owners to easily invoice customers and process payments.

Easier invoicing

One of the main functions of FreshBooks is to provide business owners with a simple invoice software that easily tracks revenue. By using this invoice software, small business owners will have an easier time sending invoices to customers and informing them of when payments are due. This software can allow small business owners to invoice customers either through a personal computer or a mobile device. Therefore, using this software package allows small business owners the ability to bill clients more efficiently.

Tracks expenses

Another primary function of this software is the ability to track expenses. Small businesses often need to pay for things in order to operate and track their bills. This software enables them to receive bill statements and immediately know when a bill is due. As a result, they will be in great position to track the amount of money they owe at all times. They will also have the ability to pay their bills in a timely manner as well. Using this software is available to help businesses find out how much they are spending and see what costs they can cut to increase their profits.

Processes payments

Along with tracking income and expenses, this software helps small business owner’s process payments. Using this software will help businesses receive payments for the products and services rendered more easily. As a result, it will allow businesses to record their revenue quickly and efficiently. Getting payments processed quickly will ensure that a small business gets the money they need in a timely manner. With the ability to process payments on mobile devices, this software provides businesses with a very convenient way to receive funds from sales very quickly.


There are a number of benefits to using FreshBooks. One of the top benefits of this software is convenience. Instead of having to spend time recording financial transactions, small business owners can quickly send out bills and pay bills within seconds. They will also be able to track their revenue and expenses so that they can see how they are performing financially. Since everything can be done within seconds, small business owners will have a great way to constantly track their financial situation by using this software.

Better organization

Another benefit of this software is better organization. Using this software allows business owners to avoid storing a number of receipts and bill documents. It will prevent them from having to sort out numerous papers which can take a very long time. With this software, small business owners will get all of their transactions processed and stored on the software. As a result, they will be able to have all of their financial transactions better organized on an easily accessible program.

More efficient

Small business owners who use this software will be able to track their financial transactions more efficiently. The software enables small business owners the ability to process a number of different transactions with just a simple click of a screen icon. As a result, they will have things such as financial statements, bill payment histories and income receipts within a matter of a few seconds. With more efficiency, they will have more time to devote to the profit making tasks of the business.


Any small business owner who is looking to make their financial recordkeeping simple will benefit by using this software. With a number of benefits such as efficiency, convenience and better organization, small business owners can use a quality software package to better track their financial progress. Features such as expense tracking and payment processing also help small business owners receive funds and pay bills in a timelier manner.

Therefore, this software is ideal for any small business that is looking to track financial information quickly and devote more time to running their business.