Hyderabad is an ancient city in India, and is the capital of Telangana, a southern Indian state.

This ancient city’s development is unique in that the older portion of the city represents everything you might expect from an ancient Indian city, while the newer portion of the city is technological advanced.

The older part of this ancient city has narrow roads, a barrage of markets, beautiful old architecture, a flurry of activity and noise, rickshaws, colours, and animals wandering about the city.

However, the newer part of the city started expanding in the 1990s and includes modern restaurants, fancy malls, clubs, bars, multiplexes, and modern technology everywhere.

Hyderabad is Telangana’s biggest GDP contributor and revenues (including taxes).

Nationwide, it ranks fourth largest as a credit centre. 

The newer side of this city is a hub of businesses activities and large Indian business enterprises.

Furthermore, Hyderabad is a notable and popular tourist attraction.

Some of the world’s most famous heritage buildings and landmarks fill this city with its rich culture.

It is acclaimed for its arts, crafts, literature, jewels, pearls, films, music, and especially its genuine Indian cuisine.

Everywhere you turn, you will find small business ideas in Hyderabad, India.

However, it is not an easy task to start a business here.

Unique and profitable are the key elements that make the difference in this climate.

You will need a great and different business idea that is sure to take off and make money for this city.

The following will address 25 business ideas one might start in Hyderabad, India.

Small Business Ideas in Hyderabad, India

1) Custom Made Gifts

Custom Made Gifts Small Business Ideas in Hyderabad, India

People like to feel special, and customer made gifts provide that feeling.

With effective marketing and quality products and services, you can thrive quickly in this business.

2) Photography & Wedding Planning

The Indian culture is engrossed in beautiful, extravagant weddings.

They go big.

A wedding planning business would do very well here.

With some photography skills, you could increase your profitability here.

Not only could you be a wedding planner and photographer, you could definitely make money from pictures of this beautiful city.

3) Handmade Crafts

Another great business idea that spans across the globe is the handmade crafts business.

It is especially ideal in Hyderabad where they are famous for their handmade crafts.

Not only is this business a winner amongst locals, but also tourists.

4) Pre Owned Bookstore

Pre Owned Bookstore Small Business Ideas in Hyderabad, India

Many people love to read.

Bookstores are known to produce regular customers.

You can get this one started with some unused old books of your own.

One way to niche this business is to become known for a specific category of books (you can use two or three niches) and make sure you have a few first editions to sell.

Other side items you may include might be postcards, greeting cards, magazines, illustrations, and maps.

5) Catering

Knowing that this culture is big on weddings and festivals creates a grand opportunity to grow a profitable catering business.

If you know how to make great foods and dishes, the potential is unlimited.

6) Tailoring and Fitting

Are you good with a needle and thread, or a modern sewing machine? A tailoring business would be quite lucrative in Hyderabad.

This business can be started with a simple sewing machine and you can expand and hire more people as you grow.

7) Website Design

Website Design Small Business Ideas in Hyderabad, India

Today’s businesses cannot be lucrative without a website.

Websites are widely used all over the world.

The web development industry is booming and thriving, which makes this a highly lucrative business.

The demand for website designers is huge.

Of course, you will have some competition, so make sure your services stand out from the others.

8) Food Trucks & Restaurants

People all over the world love to eat and feel nourished.

Hyderabad is no different.

They love food.

Establishing a quality food eatery of any kind would do well here.

If you turn it into a mobile food truck, you can travel the city and cater to a variety of people.

9) Gems, Stones, & Jewelry

With a jewelry, gems, and stones business you will not have to have the capital for a building if you prefer to use the local markets or sell online.

Jewelry, gems, and stones are big sellers here.

You can find inventory through wholesalers, become a partner, or affiliate with a third-party jeweler, or brand your own products. 

10) Poultry Farm

Poultry Farm Small Business Ideas in Hyderabad, India

A poultry farm would be a great business here.

This will require that you have the capital to invest in the land, structures, and equipment, but there is money to be made in the poultry business.

11) Antiques

Have you ever wanted to be an antique dealer?

Antiques are popular and famous in this ancient Indian city.

The startup costs for such a business are very high, but it is a great business idea.

Plus, you need to have knowledge and experience with antiques.

Not everything that looks old and valuable will turn a profit.

12) Grocery Delivery

A convenience service like grocery delivery does extremely well in urban areas where life is hectic, and people are busy.

Starting a business here where you deliver groceries to customers’ doors is another lucrative idea.

13) Repair Electronics

Ever since electronics became popular all over the world, devices such as mobile phones, televisions, tablets, computers, and the like sometimes require repair.

Electronic devices do not last forever.

They break down and people need to have them fixed.

That is where you can offer your expertise with an electronics repair service.

On the side, you could also sell second-hand devices.

14) Sweets Shop

Sweets Shop Small Business Ideas in Hyderabad, India

While there is a lot of competition in the sweets business arena in Hyderabad, if you have a unique or signature sweet to offer, this is a great idea.

15) Vehicle Rentals

Something unique to this area is vehicle rental.

Not only can you rent cars, but also motorcycles, bicycles, and other frugal transportation to tourists and locals.

16) Tour Guide

Hyderabad, India is a tourist haven because of its gorgeous historical architecture, old buildings, markets, landmarks, and beautiful scenery.

For that reason, there is nice potential of exceeding $50,000 a year in this business.

That will buy a lot of food and crafts here.

17) Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon Small Business Ideas in Hyderabad, India

Well-trained and fully qualified cosmetologists/beauty therapists are in demand everywhere.

In Hyderabad, you can make a very good living with your own beauty salon.

This will require training in management and in the industry of beauty, and it may be worth the investment if you have a knack for haircare and beauty.

18) Pharmacy

You will likely need to be licensed and a lot of capital, but pharmacies make a lot of money here.

People need medicine, but you can also provide toiletries and other handy items.

19) Software Company

The software industry is large and ever-expanding and evolving.

It is a great business in which to invest your time, money, and effort.

Not only can you provide software online and/or at a brick-and-mortar business, you will open up opportunities to expand and to generate huge revenues.

20) Job Recruitment

Job Recruitment Small Business Ideas in Hyderabad, India

If you have a solid network of businesses, you can start up a profitable job recruitment service.

With unemployment increasing and fluctuating, this is a good way to earn a living.

You will be helping people find jobs by matching them to your network of businesses.

It helps everyone.

21) Dating or Match Making

Did you know that many people in the Indian culture rely on matchmakers to find their perfect mate for marriage?

This is a business that could make you a lot of money if you are someone who is good at making matches between people.

Your time and effort is the biggest investment in this business, yet the turnover rate is high.

22) Packing & Moving Relocation Services

Moving Relocation Services Small Business Ideas in Hyderabad, India

Someone is always improving or changing their living situations.

Job relocation, buying a bigger home, moving out of Mom and Dad’s house, etc.

The packing and moving industry opens a wide door for you to enter into relocation services in Hyderabad.

There is a high opportunity for expansion.

23) Mini-Cinema House

You may have never heard of a mini cinema, but in Hyderabad, they have.

The Indian culture loves movies and music.

You can get started in this business simply by using an area of your home currently unused by you.

Feature classic movies that you will not find at conventional

24) Coaching Centre for Competitive Exams

The costs and competition in the educational industry is becoming fierce.

Today’s parents want their children to have the best education, which includes a competitive environment.

A coaching centre for children for competitive educational purposes is a huge opportunity for a business.

You will need a place to coach and the knowledge to teach and train.

25) Property Management

Property Management Small Business Ideas in Hyderabad, India

People in Hyderabad own property that needs to be managed.

This business can be very lucrative if you have some experience in this field.

First, you will need around $500 to invest in your business.

You will also have to partake in marketing and sales.

You need to have these skills also to operate a property management business.

cinemas, meals and refreshments not provided at regular cinemas, and whatever specialty service you can provide that they will love.


Let these 25 best business ideas in Hyderabad with low investment open you up to more ideas for a new and unique business in this ancient city.

You can use the income and they can use your ingenuity.