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SimplyGram Reviews 2024

If you’re trying to grow a brand on Instagram, you already know that it isn’t easy.

You already know what the most important part of it is, too – engagement. Unless your engagement is good, you’re going to struggle to do well with it.

Along with engagement comes your engagement rate. If your engagement rate isn’t up to scratch, you’re not going to be able to get very far.

Your engagement rate is the ratio between how many followers you have, and your comments and likes.

If you have a lot of followers but not that much interaction on your posts, this is going to stand out as suspicious.

The best companies can help you get your engagement rate up, which can make all the difference to your growth. You don’t want to mess with a company that can only complete one task for you.

We know that you don’t have hours on end each day to sit around and interact with your community – there aren’t that many of us who do. However, there are some companies online which you can outsource too.

As you can imagine, however, some are better than others. Let’s give SimplyGram a review.

Simply Gram begins with quite a bold claim – they say that they are the number one Instagram growth service.

Considering they’re not very well known, we highly doubt that they officially hold this title.

They claim that they combine account management techniques with artificial intelligence to bring you a unique spin on your usual engagement services.

Another thing that SimplyGram claims on their website that we discovered when we reviewed them was that they say they can help their clients get as many as 5000 new followers per month.

This is hardly legit and makes us think that they’re nothing more than a scam – there’s no way that a company like this can guarantee the exact number of followers unless they’re using a bot or selling fake ones.

While it would be nice to know the exact number of followers you’re going to get each month, it simply isn’t realistic if you want organic followers.

Unfortunately, however, they’re most likely just a bot. Let’s give them a proper review and see how they do.

What is SimplyGram?


SimplyGram is a company that claims they can help their clients grow their Instagram followers organically through the mother-child method.

This is where they set up between 25 and 100 social media profiles which are going to go and message users, asking them to check out your Instagram profile.

Obviously, the bottom line here is that these guys use bots to grow your profile.

With each and every one of their packages, they claim to offer quick growth, a targeted audience, that are based on usernames and hashtags, and the ability to filter by competitors.

They also promise to keep your profile 100% secure, and they say that every client gets connected with a personalized account manager when they first sign up.

Another thing is that you don’t have to download everything, just some of the features, and their service is supposed to run in the background 24/7, which isn’t necessary a good thing.

Getting Started with SimplyGram

To get started with SimplyGram, you will need to visit their website through your web browser, and choose a pricing plan based on your personal preferences.

We also suggest that you check out their three-day free trial, where you will have to provide some basic information including your username.

From here, you will share your credit card details, then select ‘place order’.

According to what we read on the website, their team should contact you, so that you can get your campaign started.

However, we are not feeling very confident about the security of SimplyGram’s services and website, and don’t think that you should share things like your credit card information.


Simplygrams Pricing

SimplyGram offers its clients three different price points and what is a little bit confusing about this is that they display them and claim that they are going to charge you weekly, but also on their website, they say that payments are made monthly.

Their individual package is $69 a week, their influencer package is $99 a week, and their pro package is $199 a week.

We obviously think that all of these prices are way too much, especially if they are just a generic Instagram bot that actually isn’t going to add to your Instagram profile’s credibility at all.

We believe that the biggest difference between the three price points is speed, especially considering they are limited in their features, based on what they claim to promise.

Pros and Cons


  • Free trial


  • You need to share credit card details for the free trial
  • Their reviews are bad
  • Fake testimonials
  • Clone website
  • Their pricing is too much
  • Growth methods are generic and outdated

Fake Reviews and Testimonials

SimplyGram is not the kind of company that we are willing and prepared to recommend that you use for your Instagram growth, primarily because they have fake testimonials and reviews on their website.

Additionally, if you go outside of their website, and onto third-party forums, you’ll realize that they have bad reviews elsewhere.

It is really important to check reviews before you make a purchase online, and in the case of these guys, the same rules apply.

They claim to have been named by Wired, Vice and Forbes, but there is no evidence of this anywhere. Also, when it comes to the testimonials on their website, they claim that they have been made by real Instagram influencers, yet they are all completely made up.

Why? SimplyGram is a complete copy of other websites, which means that they have simply taken the website, and applied their own spin on it.

This obviously isn’t a sign of a company that is dedicated to their clients and hardworking.

One of the most obvious reasons for this is that the fake reviews and testimonials can be found on the other website, and they are exactly the same on each one of them.

When we searched for reviews about this company elsewhere, we found a lot of users that were worried and saying negative things about bot followers, or not even being able to get out of their plan.

For reasons like these and more, we definitely advise against using SimplyGram for your Instagram growth, especially in regard to giving them your credit card details, because they could very well be selling them onto a third party and scamming you.

SimplyGram trustpilot

A Review of SimplyGram


Secure Site

SimplyGram has joined the ranks of having a secure HTTPS site, which is good news for both you and them.

It’s good news for them because it means they’re going to rank on Google and customers will be able to find them, and it’s good news for you because it means any information you share with them will be safe.

It used to be a lot hard to find this feature among companies like this, because they weren’t going to hang around long enough to need this type of security.

However, we think that most of them have wisened up, and decided that it’s worth having.

Visible Pricing

Simply Gram does have their prices visible and available for you to see even if you haven’t committed to anything – however, there is something we don’t like about this.

They’ve only chosen to display them on their homepage, which means they haven’t made a new webpage for them.

This implies to us that they’re lazy and couldn’t be bothered making their site look professional.

FAQ and Help Page

While it does look like they’ve answered a few FAQs which is essential, again they’ve included this feature below their price points on their homepage.

While we’re glad they have the feature at all, we’re disappointed that they’ve just put it on their homepage and haven’t made a new webpage for it.

For us it’s important to be able to see that a company cares about their clients through things like an FAQ page.

The more extensive it is, the more you get to learn about their features before you commit to anything, which is important. You wouldn’t buy a car without giving it a test drive first, would you?


24/7 Customer Service

While they claim to have this, we highly doubt that it’s actually true. To have this feature, you need a complete team that’s ready to answer customer queries around the clock – it’s an expensive investment.

If they don’t have this, it means you could be waiting for hours or even days to hear back from them, which isn’t great.

Email and Phone Form

This is an important level of accountability that not many of these companies have, we think because they don’t plan on being around for too long.

It means that they can safely store your information on their database and if there are any changes to their services they can let you know.

Having this type of communication between company and client is of course one of the most important things for you to look out for in this industry, so the fact that Simplygram doesn’t have this is pretty disappointing.

It says a lot about them and what they’re prepared – or not prepared – to do for the client.

Real Reviews

We were almost convinced by this feature – but not quite. While they have got reviews – on their homepage again – that have first and last names associated with them and even a picture, we aren’t convinced they’re real.

This is because the pictures look like stock images. There’s a good chance that they haven’t got genuine reviews on their website.

Verified Payments

When you’re running a company online, and you’re selling a service from a website, you need to make sure that the payment system is secure – this way, your customers’ information is safe from hackers.

Simply Gram hasn’t covered this.

We don’t actually recommend that you share your credit card information with anyone who hasn’t secured their payment system.

The risk of getting your information stolen is just too great – it’s the last thing that anyone needs and hackers are always looming.

Simply Gram Alternatives & How it Compares

We simply don’t recommend SimplyGram at all.

1Nitreo Visit
2Kicksta Visit

Is SimplyGram a Simple Scam? Is SimplyGram Even Safe?

At the end of the day, we don’t think that Simply Gram is safe to use.

While they have made a half-hearted effort with their website, it doesn’t take a lot of digging to come up with many different flaws, which reflect a less-than-average company.

What’s more, they’re a bot, which isn’t great.

While they’re honest about this part of their business, it’s not going to get you too far on Instagram – the social media giant is always looking out for bots and pages to shut down as a result.

We just don’t think that your page is worth risking using a bot. A bot can help in special circumstances, but of course, it carries a lot of risk with it.

There’s also a chance here that Simplygram is selling fake engagement – how else would they be able to guarantee the exact number of followers for their clients?

It’s these kinds of red flags that you really have to look out for, so you can be sure that the company you’re with is taking good care of you and your reputation.

Don’t go for a company that sells fake engagement or uses a bot.

Other Info

As well as the lack of features, SimplyGram is falling short with the name, too. Instagram has copyright claims around the phrase ‘gram,’ which means that other companies can’t use it.

It would appear, then, that Simply Gram is in violation of this.


Let’s take a look at some SimplyGram alternatives so that you can protect yourself against scams like this.

1. Kicksta


Kicksta is a great SimplyGram alternative because they not only are going to give you some of the best features that money could buy in the industry, but they are also not going to charge you too much for them.

You will benefit from their excellent customer support, and you will also benefit from their attention to detail, and willingness to work with you for a long time to come, no matter what you need.

2. UseViral

UseViral Home

UseViral is the type of company that knows what their customers need to do really well, and has a penchant for actioning everything for you, so that you don’t have to worry about it.

One of the ways that they do this is that they connect your profile to a network of experts, who know exactly who to promote your Instagram page to.

This way, you can be associated with some of the best in the industry, and use a unique and creative way to become successful.

3. Task Ant

Task Ant

Task Ant is an excellent SimplyGram alternative because they are dedicated to their clients all the way through and as far as we are concerned they go well beyond the call of duty.

You might not really understand them at first because you will realise that they can just help you with your hashtags, but once you get to know them you will discover that they can help you get more Instagram followers through your hashtag strategy.

Find, organise, and use all of the best hashtags for your growth with these guys.

Review Summary


There’s a chance here that Simplygram is selling fake engagement – how else would they be able to guarantee the exact number of followers for their clients?

Price: 49.99

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: All

Application Category: Instagram

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