Last year, received a manual penalty from Google.

Abhishek kumar - scammerNow, that’s never a good thing. And in this case it was a very bad thing. You see, Abhishek Kumar had been selling backlinks on his site for $250 a piece (which is not cheap).

The other notably bad thing about this, is that he did it on a massive scale, and so he was caught.

Google requested they remove the links he had sold or make them “nofollow”. Those in the SEO community know what this means. “nofollow” makes them essentially useless.

Unfortunately, this does happen fairly often, but webmasters give refunds or they give replacement links when they can.

SEO Backlink Scam

But not and not Abhishek Kumar. Oh no.

They had different ideas.

Their idea was to keep the money and not replace the links.

Which, my friends, is what is commonly referred to as theft.

Abhishek Kumar stole and scammed thousands and thousands from many webmasters and agencies. We have been contacted by many.

Here is an email dialogue of one agency that contacted us to report this scammer. scam
Screenshot of email from Abhishek Kumar of scam 2
Screenshot of another email from Abhishek Kumar of scam 3
Screenshot of another email from Abhishek Kumar of scam 4
Screenshot of emails that Abhishek Kumar of is ignoring

As you can see, a lot of time has passed and both Abhishek Kumar and could have made amends by now if they wished. Instead, they are ignoring (but reading) emails.

They will forever be known as scammers in the SEO community.

Do not do business with Abhishek Kumar or They are dishonest and will scam you.

You have been warned.

What About You?

Have you been scammed by Abhishek Kumar? Let us know below. We know there are many of you out there.