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Semirg Reviews 2023

There’s nothing quite like knowing that your business page on Instagram is doing well and you’re getting new leads. It’s a great feeling, right? This doesn’t mean that it’s easy, though.

Many people struggle to build up that engagement from nothing. In fact, the reality is is that it takes an unrealistic amount of time to do so, costing you time that you could be putting into your business elsewhere.

Outsourcing your engagement is a great way to take the burden off your shoulders and having someone else do it for you. Let’s review a company that does this.

What is Semirg?

Semirg is an Instagram growth service provider that considers themselves to be an in-house marketing team that takes of all your Instagram engagement needs.

They sell an Instagram marketing management service that allows you to sit back and watch your engagement grow with them. However, the issue is with this is that they’re most likely using an automated bot to achieve this – it’s hard to reach this kind of engagement without recruiting automated software. We also think that they’re pretty expensive for an automated bot. Let’s give them a review.

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A Review of Semirg

First, let’s talk about the positives:

  • Secure Site: it’s always nice for us to see that a company like this has made an effort with their website and made sure it’s https secure. This means that your information will be confidential and that they’ll rank on Google better.
  • Visible Pricing: Semirg has made sure to display their prices on a separate page to their homepage, in a user-friendly setting that shows all the features you receive with each price point. Like we mentioned above, we believe Semirg to be quite expensive, especially if they are just a bot at the end of it all.
  • FAQ and Help Page: while this company has put the effort in to make sure they display an FAQ and help page, unfortunately, they haven’t made it comprehensive enough for our liking. An FAQ page is a chance for a company to tell you as much about them as they can, so the less information they’re willing to share, the more it tells us that they’re trying to hide.
  • 24/7 Support: this one is a little ambiguous. While they could very well provide 24/7 support, it could also be a situation where they have a chatbox that’s open in business hours. We initially saw this chat box when we first went on their website, but it disappeared after a while, making us wonder how available it really is.
  • Email and Phone Form: Semirg does care about being accountable to the customer, which is good to see. They’ve made sure to include a phone and email form that you are required to fill out when you sign up with them.
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Now, let’s talk about the negatives:

  • Real Reviews: this one was difficult for us to determine, but we’ve decided to put it into this category. While Semirg has made an effort to make their reviews look genuine, we just don’t think that they’re real – there’s something about them that make us believe they’re either fake or paid for.

Is Semirg a Scam? Is Semirg Safe?

Unfortunately, we don’t believe that Semirg is safe to use. While they have put a lot of effort into their website which is what we like to see, unfortunately at the end of the day they haven’t covered all their bases.

When you’re running a company like this, you have to make sure you tick all the boxes, so unless they have done this at some point in the future, we won’t bother using them at all.

Semirg Alternatives & How it Compares

We don’t recommend Semirg.

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