Perhaps one of your treasured officemates is planning to retire soon. Retirements tend to be filled with many emotions for the retiring party and colleagues. Though this occasion marks a goodbye, did you know you can bring about positive emotions during this time? Why not throw them a retirement party?

Planning a party is often challenging, but there are many ways to make it extra special and memorable. It’s time to start planning, but how? Put your worries to rest—this article gives the secrets to throwing an epic retirement party. Follow through for the insight.

Here’s what you do:

1. Know Your Officemate

This retirement party is the perfect avenue to celebrate the contributions of the retiree to the company. To make it personal and special, it’s important to know more about them.

What are their favorites, likes, and dislikes? What things or activities do they find really fun? This insight will ensure the party evokes the right emotions from the retiree. At no given time should the party events make them angry.

Also, you’ll know the things to include in the party to keep them engaged. Maybe they have a favorite party snack or boardgame everyone can play. 

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Diverse people at the office party

2. Get Insight From Other Workers

Planning a work-based party can be challenging to maneuver alone, remembering you have your role to fulfill in the company. It’s best to get an insight about the party from other workers to make the going away party for coworker memorable. 

The workers should give you ideas on the games to include, the theme to adopt, decorations, and the foods and snacks to offer at the event. Some of your workers have networks with food vendors and experts at throwing events.

They can assist you in ensuring a successful day. With the adoption of remote working, it’s important that you include your remote team in the process. With all this insight, the workload is reduced, and you’ll have various options to choose from. The planning process will be faster. 

3. Invite Friends And Families

It’s important to acknowledge that there’s life beyond work. Your retiree has a social life that touches on family and friends outside work. Inviting their loved ones to the party can bring the whole party to a new level.

Including them in the party will show the retiring worker there’s life after retiring and they have a support system in place. Be sure to send invites to them earlier on before the event, preferably a month prior.

You want to give them time to plan accordingly and add the event to their new monthly schedule. It increases the chances of their availability for the event.

4. Create A Memory PowerPoint

There’s no better way to celebrate retirement than to remind them of their life in your company. It should be part of your retirement party.

Be sure to gather as many pictures and videos of the worker as possible. They should touch on their time at work and home as well. Ask their friends and families to provide photos of them growing up to show how far they’ve come. 

Make the PowerPoint as colorful as possible without taking the focus away from the slideshow. Proceed to add the worker’s favorite music or playlist in the background. It’ll make the memory emotional and personal to the retiring party, which is the end goal of the party.

As part of showcasing memories, highly consider giving them a gift as a souvenir. It’ll remind them of the company. Consider personalizing it with an inscribed message; it’ll be extra special to them.

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5. Allocate Time For Speeches

As they say their goodbyes, it’s important to let the retiring party know how they positively impacted their colleagues. It’ll bring about a sense of accomplishment even as they stop working. Incorporate heartfelt speeches into the party’s program.

Here, it’s best not to restrict who gives their speeches. Inform the other workers that anyone who wants to give a speech on the special day should inform you beforehand. Be sure to inform them the speeches need to be as short as possible to allow others to give theirs as well.

The worker’s family and friends should also give speeches. After all, a work-life balance is crucial.

It’s also a good idea to ask the worker’s mentor to give a speech, somebody they look up to and respect. This speech will most likely be the most humbling and heartfelt moment for the worker. 


Retirements are milestones to celebrate. You can make the day special for your retiring colleague by throwing a party for them. The discussion above has given tips to help you throw an epic one.

Be sure to implement the insight given for easier planning and executing the party. Your epic party will help the retiring worker retire with positivity, even as they start a new journey in their life.