Before we get into how many people use Rumble, we are going to introduce this platform to you.

Rumble was launched in 2013 by Chris Pavlovski. It’s a video streaming site that allows its users to upload and share videos. 

From that aspect, it’s a lot like YouTube. Also, just like YouTube, your videos can make money for you.

You can be a Rumble influencer just like you can be a YouTube influencer. In fact, you may find some of your favorite YouTubers on Rumble. 

Rumble’s founder is a firm believer in free expression, so there’s no censorship on the site.

However, if you try to share unlawful content like bullying or pornography, your content won’t pass the review process of video uploads. 

Now that you have some background information about Rumble, we will move on to discuss how many people use it, who uses it, how its used, and more.

How Many People Use Rumble in 2024?


As of January 2022, Rumble averages 39 million monthly users, which is a bump up from its 36 million users in 2021 and an even bigger bump from the 1.6 million monthly users in 2020. 

Its client base features celebrities, commentators, politicians, gamers, and other content creators.

Dan Bongino, one of the commentators on the platform, has 1.35 million subscribers on that platform alone. Bongino’s YouTube channel has 774,000 subscribers. 

While Rumble is touted as a strictly conservative platform, it’s really just an open video streaming service that doesn’t censor content unless it’s illicit.

That said, a lot of debate and controversy surrounds the platform that has 39 million monthly users. It’s grown substantially over the past year.

Where Do Rumble Users Live?

The biggest audience for Rumble is based in the United States with 60% of its users.

After the US, Canada comes in second for Rumble users with 9%. Other countries using Rumble are as follows:

  • 4% Australia
  • 3% UK
  • 2% France
  • 22% Other countries

This data comes from Similarweb.

Who Uses Rumble? The Demographics.

Now we will get into the demographics of Rumble’s user base.


The platform is primarily male with 71.69% of users being men. Women make up 28.31% of Rumble’s users. There is a bit of a gender gap there.


The largest number of users on Rumble related to age include the 25- to 34-year-old crowd with 23.62% of the market share.

This age group is followed by the 35 to 44 demographic, which had 16.59% of the user share. 

The third group that most uses Rumble falls into the 18 to 24 age group with 16.38% of users.

The older age groups like the 45 to 54 (15.36%), 55 to 64 (15.16%), and 65 and older (12.88%) crowds make up the rest of Rumble’s users based on age.

What Are Rumble Users Watching?

What are the top categories of videos on Rumble? People on Rumble are watching News and Media Publishers the most.

After that, they watch adult content (legal adult content), Electronics and Computers, Streaming and Online TV, and Banking and Lending categories.

Within these top categories, Rumble users are mostly watching topics such as news, shopping, blogs, local, and other online activities.

Much like YouTube, Rumble users enjoy relaxing music, comedy, gaming content, tutorials, and more. 

Where Does Rumble Get Its Traffic?

Direct traffic is Rumble’s top marketing avenue and makes up 63.01% of its traffic.

Social media makes up 15.62% of traffic generation for Rumble, and search engines make up 12.96%.

Referrals (5.78%), email (2.58%), and display (0.06%) marketing methods are at the low end of Rumble’s traffic sources.

Essentially, it’s its own traffic source. However, it does get a good amount of traffic from social media sites.

For instance, the biggest amount of traffic to Rumble from social media comes from YouTube with 40% of all social media traffic.

Facebook is second with 36.51%, and Twitter is third with 18.96%. 

At the low end of social media traffic sources, you will find VKontakte (1.06%), Reddit (0.87%), and all others (2.60%).

How Do You Set up A Rumble Account?

Rumble is easy to register to use and set up. Here is how to join the Rumble ranks. 

  1. Navigate to
  2. Input your name, user name, password, address, birthdate, and other pertinent information needed to create a profile.
  3. Select your level of use on Rumble from Free, Publisher, Business, or Personal. 
  4. Get started following, watching, and/or creating and uploading content depending on your user level. 

You can upload and share videos at every level on Rumble, including free. You can share your videos on many social platforms.

How Do You Make Money with Rumble Videos?


Most people want to know if you can make money by uploading videos to Rumble, so we are going to tell you how it’s done.

Free Account: You can start with a free account and upload and share videos. When a video is approved, you make $50, but if your video makes it to the front page, you make $100. You also earn 60% of ad revenue.

Publisher Account: Rumble manages videos on publisher accounts. Your content appears on the platform and may be shared with YouTube and across other social media channels.

Publishers are paid 90% of whatever a video earns on YouTube, and 60% on other partner sites like MTV, XBox, MSN, etc.

Business Account: Most business account users upload, share, and sell stock video footage to make money. It costs $25 a month to have a business account on Rumble. 

Personal Account: Personal accounts can only share videos with family and friends. No money is made using this account type.

What’s the Difference Between Rumble and YouTube?

One of the main questions asked about Rumble is what’s the difference between this platform and YouTube?

Rumble and YouTube are both free to join and upload videos.

Rumble is different because it offers instant monetization, even though your videos may only be seen on Rumble when you have a non-exclusive license.

YouTube requires that you have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours to monetize your channel.

Rumble has no subscriber number requirement attached to monetization. 

Final Thoughts

After reading this article about Rumble usage statistics, we hope you know more about it.

We hope it clears up some things so that you can engage and make money on the platform like millions of other users. 

Anyone is free to join rumble and create and share content that is legal. The system doesn’t censor its users for sharing legal content.

If you’re an influencer or marketer, Rumble could certainly be one more stream of income for you. 

If you’re a beginner with a blog, Rumble is a great place to start since you don’t have the requirements that YouTube puts on its users for monetizing content.

You can monetize right away. 

Also, we discussed some of the differences between Rumble and YouTube along with how to sign up and how to make money through Rumble.

You could be one of the 39 million people who use Rumble, and maybe even one of its users that makes money with their content.

We hope you have learned something about Rumble that you didn’t know before reading this article.

You should now be well aware of what Rumble is, where its traffic comes from, user demographics, and how many people use Rumble. 


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