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Rocket Social Reviews 2024

Instagram marketing has taken over the internet.

The reason why Instagram is a great place to market and promote your brand is that it can potentially be seen by hundreds, if not thousands of would-be clients.

Another great reason for advertising your brand on Instagram is because it’s affordable.

There are hundreds of third-party companies out there that feature Instagram marketing and engagement services to make your page shine and stand out from the rest.

Let’s take a look at one of these companies and see how they fare.

What is Rocket Social?


Rocket Social is an influencer marketing agency that says its Instagram followers are 100 percent organic and authentic.

While this is how they advertise their business, it’s contradictory to what we could see of them.

We believe Rocket Social to be nothing more than your stereotypical Instagram bot.

While there’s nothing entirely wrong with a bot, we highly recommend that you approach bots with caution as they can get your Instagram page shut down.

What’s more, because they aren’t honest about this, we are hesitant to want to put our trust in them.

Let’s give them an in-depth review.

A Review of Rocket Social

First, let’s take a look at the positives

  • Secure Site: Rocket Social starts off on a good foot by having a secure https website. This is an important part of owning and conducting business on a website – it means that customers can share information about themselves on your platform without the risk of their identities being stolen.
  • Visible Pricing: we can see by looking at Rocket Social’s website that they’ve outlined their price points. Rocket Social have three different price points, starting at $20 weekly and going up to $60 monthly. While the monthly subscription seems better, there are different perks depending on which one you go for.
  • Real Reviews: surprisingly, we did actually find some genuine reviews on Rocket Social’s website. They include real names of people that have Instagram accounts you can check and detailed, thorough quotes associated with the full names. To use this appears to be what we consider real reviews.
  • Verified Payment: Rocket Social has continued to think about the security side of things by making sure that it’s safe for you to share sensitive information like your credit card number. All their payment gateways have been authenticated.

Second, we’ll run over the negatives

  • FAQ and Help Page: while Rocket Social has worked hard to cover all the security corners on their website, they’ve missed the boat when it comes to basic customer service. We couldn’t find an FAQ and help page anywhere, which is a particular downside for the customer – it’s going to make it hard for you to know too much about them before you commit to anything.
  • 24/7 Service: again, Rocket Social has dropped the ball on their customer service, by not including any kind of customer support team that you can get in touch with whenever it’s needed.
  • Email and Phone Form: the third negative for Rocket Social also sits within the customer service field, too. They don’t have an email and phone form for you to fill out when signing up, which means they don’t seem to be worried too much about your experience once you’re committed.

Is Rocket Social a Scam? Is Rocket Social Safe?

To summarize, we don’t believe that Rocket Social is safe to use.

While its website has covered the basics when it comes to security, they certainly are lacking regarding any type of sophisticated customer service representation.

What’s more, they are also advertising themselves falsely, calling themselves a marketing service when they’re just your average bot.

Better to try for something a little bit more trustworthy and open.

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