GetRiver Review & Alternatives

River Review

2020 Update: Are Instagram bots dead? They are not! There are just a lot fewer services to choose from now. So it’s more important than ever to pick a service that keeps your account safe.

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The sky’s the limit when it comes to owning and operating your online business. There are so many ways you can now promote yourself online, from Google and Facebook ads to employing a third-party company to tell you how to market yourself successfully on social media.

You certainly don’t have to do it alone – there are plenty of trustworthy people out there who are willing to help you get ahead. However, you can’t put your money in every basket, and now everyone is going to offer what they claim.

Let’s give one of these companies a review.

What is GetRiver?

GetRiver is a monthly Instagram subscription service that automates your Instagram engagement for you. According to our research, they are a little on the pricey side for an Instagram bot.

While we don’t advise against using Instagram bots, we recommend that you tread carefully with them – they can potentially get your account red flagged or even banned. GetRiver also appear to say they are affiliated with some big name brands and companies, which again according to our research doesn’t seem to be entirely true. Let’s give them a proper review.

A Review of GetRiver

First, we’ll focus on the positives

  • Secure Site: fortunately, we’ve found that GetRiver is operating on a secure https site. This means that you can entrust them with any sensitive information and they’ll keep is safe and secure for you, without running the risk of it being stolen.
  • Visible Pricing: we did find visible price points on GetRiver’s website, although they do appear to be on the more expensive side. We also say ‘they’ with a slight redundancy – there only seems to be one available package that you can choose from. The other option is a reseller plan if you’re on the other end of the scale.
  • Email and Phone Form: luckily, GetRiver seems to consider security to be important because they’ve remembered to include an email and phone form on their website. This is an essential level of accountability on their part and ensures you that they’re putting the customer first.
  • Real Reviews: we look thoroughly through all reviews presented on these company’s websites, determining definitively whether they’re genuine or not. It’s essential for a company to be upfront about this aspect of things. We’re pleased to say that GetRiver’s look real.

Now, we’ll focus on the negatives

  • FAQ and Help Page: we would have expected a company like GetRiver to provide potential clients with an FAQ and help page so they could find out a bit more about them before they commit to anything. Unfortunately, that’s nowhere to be found, which means you have to spend more time looking elsewhere for this information.
  • 24/7 Customer Assistance: if GetRiver doesn’t have an FAQ and help page, they certainly aren’t going to have a customer support team who you can rely on to be there at any time of the day or night. While this isn’t the worst thing to be missing, it’s still a strike against them.

Is GetRiver a Scam? Is GetRiver Safe?

In summary, we conclude that GetRiver isn’t a safe Instagram company to use. While they have strong reviews and testimonies on their website, it doesn’t appear that they have put too much effort into the customer service side of things.

Additionally, we personally aren’t prepared to pay through the nose for what appears to be a generic Instagram bot that you can find elsewhere for a lot less.

GetRiver Alternatives & How it Compares

GrowthoidGrowth Service Check Price
NitreoInstagram Bot Check Price
Stellation MediaDashboard Check Price

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  1. I don’t recommend this service. It’s absolutely useless and didn’t bring me any new followers. After two weeks of them underperforming, I decided to cancel my subscription and asked for a refund but they ignored my request. As a result, I had to contact Paypal to get my money back.

  2. This service didn’t work for me. I used River for two months and cancelled my subscription because it was too expensive for the poor quality service that they offer. I didn’t get any significant growth while using this service. I’m sure that there are cheaper services that offer exactly the same features.

  3. River is very overpriced for a simple automation bot that likes and follows or unfollows accounts on your behalf. It really is nothing special. I used it for only one month and regretted signing up for this service because it just wasn’t worth it. I haven’t thought about getting a refund yet so maybe I’ll try disputing it with PayPal.

  4. I signed up for the free trial but they still charged me and refused to refund me. After exchanging some emails with them and still not getting a refund, I decided to give it a chance just for one month but I didn’t get any growth at all. It was a waste of one hundred dollars.


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