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Riotly Social Media Reviews 2023

Social media has taken on a multi-faceted approach when it comes to getting people’s attention. You may not even think it needs to – people do not need to be encouraged to use social media more than they do. So the more brands can get their stuff on social media and in front of people, the better chance they have at getting their attention. It’s not the easiest job in the world, though. That’s why you sometimes need a third-party marketing company. Let’s review one.

What is Riotly Social Media?

Riotly Social Media states that they are a social media agency whose expertise lies in growing people’s Instagram accounts.

Their website is bright and colorful with a certain level of appeal – especially if you’re young and looking for a quick, easy way to get the job done. Unfortunately, it didn’t take us much to realize that they aren’t much more than your typical Instagram bot.

While we don’t think bots are the very worst, there are a lot of other options we’d recommend before them. Let’s give Riotly Social Media a review and determine whether you should connect with them.

A Review of Riotly Social Media

We’re going to begin by talking about the positives:

  • Secure Site: Instagram bots these days seem to have cottoned onto the fact that security is essential when it comes to running a business from a website. They’ve made sure to https secure their site – vital if you want to be trusted and found by potential clients.
  • Pricing: we were able to find a separate page that gave us the low down on all their different price points and what each offers you. However, we were surprised and disappointed to find that the very cheapest they had is $50 a month – a considerable amount to pay for a generic bot. However, this doesn’t hold a candle to their elite subscription which is a whopping $180 a month.
  • FAQ and Help Page: we were actually pleasantly surprised at the extent of Riotly Social Media’s customer support. They have another separate page for all of their FAQ’s as well as multiple ways of connecting with them. It looks like they genuinely care about the customer, which isn’t too common with these types of companies.
  • 24/7 Support: when we first visited their site, we were greeted with an active customer service member who asked us from a chat box if there was anything they could help us with. This implies to us that their customer support team has a high level of accountability and is available to assist around the clock.
  • Real Reviews: we were able to find genuine reviews on Riotly Social Media’s website – or so we think they’re genuine reviews. While there is a chance that they’ve paid for these reviews, there is also a high chance here that they’re real. We’re going to bank on them being real.
  • Email and Phone Form: as well as having a free six-day trial, allowing you to try before you buy, they also have an extensive email and phone form that you are required to fill out before you get the trial. This is a good level of accountability that we’re pleased to see here.
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Is Riotly Social Media a Scam? Is Riotly Social Media Safe?

The biggest thing that we didn’t like is that Riotly Social Media claims to be a marketing campaigner, yet they’re nothing more than another Instagram bot.

Again, while we aren’t completely against bots, we do strongly advise caution when using them and don’t like the fact that Riotly Social Media hasn’t been honest about this.

To conclude, we don’t think Riotly Social Media is safe to use with your Instagram and recommend you look elsewhere.

Riotly Social Media Alternatives & How it Compares

We don’t recommend Riotly Social Media.

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