At the end of the day, we don’t believe that Ins Grow is safe to use. They are selling fake engagement for your account – which is a big no-no if Instagram finds out.
While a name may seem harmless, there are strict laws in place that keep people from copying intellectual property and namesakes. Avoid this one.
All in all, we don’t think that MaherGram is safe to use. They’ve got a few parts of their website missing that we’re not too impressed with and can see right through the reviews which they've attempted to appear genuine.
In summary, we don’t believe that Xplod Social is safe to use. While they look good at first glance, when you delve a little deeper you realize that their services are a lot simpler – and less quality – than you initially thought.
Not only do we think their name is cheesy, but it’s also illegal. Instagram has copyrighted the phrase ‘gram’ which means that other companies are not permitted to use it in their brand name.
Corepillar is not safe to use. Apart from the fact that they have put zero effort into their website when it comes to both security and accountability, they are trying to sell you fake engagement.