We don’t believe that Social Network Elite is safe to use. While they've done a fantastic job at creating their website and make everything look visually appealing, they are missing one feature that we find essential.
While we aren’t completely against bots, we do strongly advise caution when using them and don’t like the fact that Zen Promo hasn’t been honest about this.
Social Boost is an Instagram growth company that can help its clients get more social engagement through automated services. It says that it has the number one Instagram growth service in the industry, which is a bold claim to make. We have our suspicions that it’s just another bot.
Instaboomer is in direct violation of Instagram's terms and conditions with their name alone. Instagram has copyrighted ‘insta' and ‘gram,' which means that Instaboomer is not permitted to use ‘insta’ in its name.
We believe that The Millennial Marketer's isn't safe to use. While they appear above board on their website, unfortunately, they seem to have falsified some important pieces of information.

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