As well as the lack of features, Simply Gram is falling short with the name, too. Instagram has copyright laws around the phrase ‘gram,' which means that other companies can't use it. It would appear, then, that Simply Gram is in violation of this.
While they have a lovely website that certainly covers the bases, it’s not enough for us to believe that they aren’t just another generic bot.
We don’t believe that Rocket Social is safe to use. While its website has covered the basics when it comes to security, they certainly are lacking regarding any type of sophisticated customer service representation.
At the end of the day, it’s pretty clear to us that Bot Adaptive isn’t safe to use. We still don’t quite understand how they can use the word ‘bot’ and ‘organic’ in the same sentence, but stranger things have happened.
We like that they aren’t trying to hide this fact, but what we don’t like is that they’re going to get shut down by Instagram soon. You don’t want to be affiliated with a company that’s got a good chance of being shut down by Instagram – you’re much better looking for your engagement elsewhere.
All in all, we think it's best that you don't use Kick Liker for your online engagement. We don't think this type of company is safe to use or even associate with.

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