It's also remarkably similar to Sns-Growth, which makes the whole company look even more suspicious.
Likes Services is not safe to use. Apart from the fact that their likes are most likely fake or done with an Instagram bot, they’ve also been dishonest at least two times on their website
To sum this up, we don't believe that Authentically is safe to use. This is because they aren't honest about how they really run their service.
Not only do we think their name is cheesy, but it’s also illegal. Instagram has copyrighted the phrase ‘gram’ which means that other companies are not permitted to use it in their brand name.
We’re going to wrap this up by being completely honest, and saying that you shouldn’t use Social Grow – it isn't safe.
At the end of the day, Flat Rate Social Media has made a significant effort to make you feel like you are informed about their products. In fact, we would consider this to be slightly unnecessary, but everyone is different.

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