At the end of the day, they are just your average Instagram automated bot, which can run your account into trouble if you’re not careful. Better to look elsewhere for marketing help – somewhere more honest, perhaps.
All the red flags are up and imply to us that they are nothing more than your average Instagram bot, which means they’ll be around for a while but not forever. Better to choose someone who is a lot more reliable.
If you haven't heard of it already, you should have. It's the YouTube bot that everybody's going crazy over right now. There are always going to be different ways to grow your YouTube – some of them easier than others. Like Instagram, there are ways to outsource your engagement in the...
Other companies can't legally use the term ‘gram' in their name, so Leogram is taking a big risk by doing this.
It's a self-confessed Instagram bot, so safety is automatically minimal.
UPDATE 2019: Leadfriend has shutdown. Here's the alternatives.

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