We're going, to be frank about this and say that Buy Active Instagram Followers isn't safe to use. Their website seems weak and basic in appearance.
SocialSteeze Alternatives Here are the top SocialSteeze alternatives.   SocialSteeze Shutdown? SocialSteeze closed its doors in 2019 to new signups. It doesn't necessarily mean they are shutdown - but I can see they are not accepting new clients. If you're looking for a service, we recommend one of the alternatives above.   Growing Your IG is...
While a name may seem harmless, there are strict laws in place that keep people from copying intellectual property and namesakes. Avoid this one.
InstaRanger is even using part of Instagram’s official logo! It seems InstaRanger will be inevitably heading down the road to facing legal action at some point.
We think it's clear at this point that we don't think Like 4 Like is safe to use. Their ‘free' service is a strange concept because it's automated which means that they're using a bot, but not charging you for it – which is even more strange.
They claim to be the best on the market when it comes to their services – a bold statement to make. While they appear on the surface to be legitimate, we have our suspicions about their services.

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