While Litsocial has a lot going for it and seems to shine when it comes to appearances on their website, we still don’t think that they’re safe to use.
We don’t believe that Increase Social is safe to use. They ticked off a couple of boxes at the beginning regarding what we look for in a genuine, trustworthy company but it quickly went downhill after that.
It would seem that Automatic Viral still has a little way to go when it comes to winning the customer's trust, so for that reason, we recommend that you look elsewhere for your Instagram engagement.
While they attempt to paint a pretty picture when you first visit their website, it doesn’t take a lot of digging for us to realize that they are most likely selling dodgy or utterly fake engagement.
All in all, this growth software is merely a generic automatic liker without any unique features. It's disingenuous and therefore highly recommended that you avoid it and opt for something else.
We can confidently say that we don’t believe that Likes and Followers Club are safe to use. While they have put a certain amount of effort into their website, they certainly haven't even come close to covering the security and accountability levels that are required.

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