There are a lot of articles and posts on forums out there calling FollowLiker a scam.
While a name may seem harmless, there are strict laws in place that keep people from copying intellectual property and namesakes. Avoid this one.
A critical thing to note about Gramista is that the company is in violation of Instagram's copyrighted name. Before you even sign up for their services, they are running a red flag just by operating under their name.
On 31st July 2018 SocialDrift posted a note that it has been forced to shut down by Instagram. ViralUpgrade and InstaHeap have also been forced to close.
Instagram has strict copyright laws around its name, which means that "Insta" and "gram" are copyrighted. Because Instamacro has "Insta" in its name, it automatically fails this copyright test.
Overall, RoboLike is pretty shocking. It runs a high risk of being shut down by Instagram itself, which means that it's not very safe to use.