Web 2.0, with its collaborative nature, has created a participatory universe, often led by users, although it is not uncommon for experts to express their opinions on certain products or services.

Today, companies and businesses are subject to public opinions, either through ratings or reviews, which can be found on various portals in many different sectors.

In this article we will present 5 websites of great relevance; some of them are well known and others are yet to be discovered, but they are still very useful for the general public.


Perhaps one of the most popular portals at an international level and probably the most powerful in terms of travel and restaurants. Formed by the opinions of different consumers, this website is very exhaustive in terms of hotels and restaurants, thanks to the contributions of Internet users.

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It incorporates complete information on the different establishments and contains a large number of opinions from those who have tried their services. In addition, it maintains a simple operation to move from one to another, when looking for some with similar characteristics or by proximity.

It is a must for those who travel, but also for those who want to try out the hotel and catering industry in their own city or neighborhood.  On the other hand, it is also having some success to see how some owners respond to negative reviews that they believe come from disrespectful or self-serving customers.


Yelp goes beyond restaurants and offers opinions on other types of businesses that can be of great use to the consumer. Renovations, cleaning, removals, car services, gyms and many other types of services are reviewed on this portal.

It may not have as many reviews as Tripadvisor, but in the United States, for example, it is one of the portals with the highest traffic, with more than 40 million visits per month. Globally, it has 92 million users.

This is an example of how consumers seek information before making their first visit to a professional and value the experiences of other users. This phenomenon has led many small business owners to focus on these aspects over the last decade and to focus on getting positive feedback from all their customers, both regular and occasional.

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In the midst of the FinTech boom, investment websites, for example those that allow Forex trading, are becoming more and more common and users are entering this ecosystem at a faster pace than in the last 20 years.

Therefore, getting to know these websites, their characteristics, their advantages and weaknesses, as well as the options they offer, whether they are no deposit bonus brokers or whether they have promotions, is more than an interesting possibility.

Of the various analysis portals, forex broker reviews contains a noticeable classification of opinions according to the characteristics of the FinTech and can provide valuable information to those who want to enter the world of forex investment,  to increase or consolidate your knowledge before trading.

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The internet movie data base is a movie buff’s paradise. It is a collaborative portal that not only has ratings and reviews, but also incorporates trivia sections, alternative titles, box office, awards, etc…

It has a section for each series or film, but also for directors, actors, actresses, screenwriters and anyone who has participated in one way or another in an audiovisual product.

It is a real database of the cinematographic arts with ratings made by viewers. It also has sections for future releases and a list of the 250 best films in history (as rated by its users) and the 100 worst, this last section is worth a visit and you can read the creative reviews of those who wanted to give their opinion, as well as the anecdotes of the filming in its Trivia section.


What if we want to decide which book to read? Goodreads has a complete classification of titles by genre with the valuation made by the readers affiliated to this portal. Within this community there are thematic groups and lists with recommendations, as well as Tops of the different genres or by year.

The reading suggestions have to do with the tastes that the portal deduces from the user, so that the recommendations are quite focused on what we consult in that environment.

The truth is that creating a portal with these characteristics might seem the most logical, but Goodreads has managed to adapt it very successfully to be able to give its users an answer to the classic question: What am I going to read next?