With the last few months seeing an upsurge in the unemployment rate, it may be a good time to think about the vast number of employable people out there who could very well fill in what you need, given the right training.

The Chicago Tribune reports that a local company, Extended Care Clinical, is tapping the growing unemployed to fill in their much-needed nursing vacancies for interested folks who can still be trained to become company nurses.

This development had me thinking that this could very well be followed in other industries. I am sure there are many who will welcome this opportunity to be re-trained even at a lower salary base. That’s a lot better than remaining among the ranks of the unemployed.

And it works both ways, as companies can consider them as fresh hires getting paid entry-level or on-the-job training salaries while learning to get the right skills for their new careers. Like starting fresh. I hope companies take advantage of this golden opportunity.