I don’t think leading law firms take Instagram seriously enough. You probably don’t think you’ll find high-end clients on the app, but you’d be surprised. It’s worth hiring one employee to take care of the account.

You won’t have to wait too long until it becomes profitable. I’m sure you have a few reasons why it’s a bad idea, but let’s look at some positives. Hopefully, you’ll want to start posting on Instagram by the time we’ve finished.

1. Network With Potential Employees

Top law firms will have ways to find up-and-coming talent, but Instagram is another great place to appeal to future lawyers. If you’re working on big cases, I’m sure they’ll want to hear how things are going.

It seems like most young people are glued to Instagram, which includes law students. If you’re not on the platform, they’ll just follow other popular law firms. Appearing in their feed means you’ll always be top of mind.

2. Keep An Eye On Other Law Firms

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your competition. Maybe you’ll be inspired by their Instagram posts, but you’ll probably just want to steal all their ideas. Pablo Picasso did say that all great artists steal.

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You’ll be able to work out what kind of posts are getting the most likes. If you see any new hashtags, you can use them to increase your followers. Once you start an Instagram account, the competition will follow you.

3. Appealing To Potential Clients

I don’t know any law firms that don’t want new clients. Even if you can’t take anyone on at the moment, your schedule will free up at some point. It’s nice to have people reaching out regularly because of Instagram posts.

Posting casual photos gives people a chance to see the real you; someone they can trust when they go to trial. Jeff Mass and Robbie Tsang, renowned sexual assault lawyers in Toronto, could appeal to people on a personal level.

4. Give Followers Excellent Advice

If you work with many high earners, I doubt most of your Instagram followers could afford you. It doesn’t mean you can’t offer great advice. A DUI attorney could help them with their legal troubles thanks to one post.

It’s like pro bono work that allows you to reach millions of people at the same time. Even though these followers will never be paying customers, they’ll talk about your brand fondly. You can’t beat word-of-mouth marketing.

5. Networking With Other Businesses

I bet you spend lots of money networking with other businesses every year. If you have friends at other powerful companies, you’ll be able to share clients. It’s one of the best ways to skyrocket your business.

You never know what will happen when you slide into someone’s DM. Someone with the power to make big decisions could see it. You can also follow other businesses to see if they’re worth working with in the first place.

It Won’t Hurt Your Finances

Running an Instagram account isn’t going to hurt your finances. It might save you money if you spend lots on ads every month.

How Law Firms Can Use Instagram Effectively?

Here are a few tips that can help law firms use their Instagram effectively. 


Law firms should decide objectives before posting the first video or photo on Instagram. A planning team can help set objectives for a law firm and decide when to publish a new post on Instagram. Make sure to appoint a young team member to post on Instagram who mostly remain active on social media platforms.

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Sharing content

A law firm can use Instagram to share videos, blogs, and articles with its potential clients. It can also use emojis to depict its personality.

It can share some useful tips with Instagram users to make them curious about its legal services. It is highly advisable for a law firm to discuss hot topics, latest changes, and emerging problems in the law. 


Law firms should use hashtags effectively. They can use hashtags in titles of photos and videos. They can use a variety of hashtags, such as general hashtags, branded hashtags, and geographic hashtags. The use of hashtags can help add more exposure to their posts. 


Law firms can showcase their culture to Instagram users with the help of their photos and videos. Bios of firm’s lawyers can play a key role in attracting more clients as they can learn about their lawyers’ competencies and experience. 

Effective usage of Instagram requires planning and time. But once implemented, it can help a law firm achieve its set objectives, and more Instagram users will turn to the law firm for its legal services.